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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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February 01 2011

Cast your vote in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorite Awards. Nominations include Nathan Fillion, Castle, HIMYM and Eureka (Felicia Day will be in it so that counts, right?)

June 15 2009

Buffy and Angel make TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All Time. Angel's "I Will Remember You" comes in at #78, and Buffy's "Once More, With Feeling" clocks in #14. More...

April 25 2009

TV Guide's Matt Roush: No worries on Castle. Also on page 4, Matt writes about being at the Whedon family reunion at Paley Fest. More...

November 14 2008

Favorite TV and Movie Vampires. And the favourite Buffyverse vampire is... More...

March 18 2008

Spike and Buffy make number one in list of TV Guide's Hottest Love Scenes. "According to American TV guide editors, who have put together the top ten list of steamy TV scenes, Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters' lovemaking scene in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has been named TVís hottest ever love scenes".

November 20 2007

(SPOILER) TV Guide: New Angel Comic Goes to Hell. I just thought that it was neat that the new Angel comic gets mentioned; the story has a link and a picture on the home page! More...

June 13 2006

David Boreanaz and Daniel Dae Kim chosen as two of TV Guide's "Hottest Men on TV" according to Entertainment Tonight, which broke the story today. This issue of TV Guide, which also features Kim as one of four collectible covers, goes on sale Thursday (June 15). Pics and videos over at the TV Guide website.

September 28 2005

Ask Ausiello Interviews Joss. Mike Ausiello at asks Joss questions about Serenity, his upcoming appearance on Veronica Mars, what's up with the possible Spike movie, how far he's gotten on the Wonder Woman script, and more. Quite comprehensive, but short. No spoilers.

September 26 2005

Matt Roush of TV Guide praises Serenity with one reservation. More...

May 25 2005

Spike TV movie still 'a project of interest' for the WB president. And David Janollari tells TV Guide's Ausiello that Joss "has yet to pick up the phone to discuss the matter with him" (scroll down to the bottom of the page to read).

October 08 2003

TV Guide's Matt Roush On Angel Season 5 More...

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