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October 12 2015

James Marsters joins Twitter! Welcome James at @JamesMarstersOf!

April 12 2015

Joss gives answers to very touchy subjects in Badass Digest interview. Joss talks about Twitter, his comment regarding Jurassic World, GamerGate, and Adam Baldwin.

September 26 2014

Agents of SHIELD twitter tweets J-Mo BTS pic. Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tanchoren are pictured in the cell from Agents of SHIELD 2x01 "Shadows".

June 19 2014

Joss Saves - a birthday project. Kiba Rika, the webmistress for the Joss is a hottie website has started a campaign to celebrate Joss's upcoming birthday on June 23rd. More...

May 16 2014

The Avengers rally around father with cancer. Actors from the MCU have taken to social media to show their support for a fan battling cancer.

October 01 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar joined Twitter! Robin Williams said "Welcome" to her.

September 22 2013

ABC announces Tweetapalooza including the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on premiere night. During ABC's Tweetapalooza the network talent will live tweet during the episode broadcasts and fans can interact with them using specific hashtags, other Whedon alums involved include Nathan Fillion for Castle on Sept 23rd and Lisa Lapira for Super Fun Night on Oct 2nd. More...

May 21 2013

Joss' Twitter account renamed to... what you'd expect his account to be. Our man of purple is now living 140 characters at a time at @JossWhedon. @jossactual is being squatted by unknown parties. More...

January 23 2013

ABC launch official SHIELD Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here's the Twitters of it.

December 10 2012

Mark Ruffalo tweets about Joss' plans for the Hulk. Tonight on Twitter, Mark Ruffalo sent out two tweets, one stating that Joss Whedon texted him yesterday with new ideas for the Hulk, and the second (found in the same twitter conversation) saying that it is unlikely that there will be a film focusing solely on the Hulk in the near future. More...

April 16 2012

Dichen Lachman drags Enver Gjokaj to Twitter. As in literally sitting there getting the account set up. Get in on the ground floor of followers.

January 27 2012

Avengers Assemble... for a Twitter chat. Get a tease of the Superbowl ad and win prizes during a Twitter chat with Joss, Clark Gregg, and Tom Hiddleston on January 31.

July 13 2011

Alan Tudyk joins twitter. So says Nathan Fillion. Go stalk him give him a follow!

April 05 2011

David Boreanaz is now on Twitter. Go say hi.

March 28 2011

TIME picks the best 140 Twitter feeds. NPH is in the top 10, while Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt are in the top 30.

February 24 2011

Nathan Fillion tweets about Firefly movement. Captain Tightpants wants you to save your money.

January 28 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg is latest Buffy alum to join Twitter. Confirmed by her former "Mercy" co-star James Van Der Beek. Please - don't let @ClareBerry know.

January 12 2011

Morena Baccarin joins Twitter! As confirmed by a tweet from Jewel Staite.

December 14 2010

Tim Minear is on Twitter. Going by @cancelledAgain, poor man.

November 17 2010

Gunn joins Twitter. J. August Richards now tweeting, as confirmed by Charisma Carpenter. More...

October 15 2010

Mercedes McNab joins Twitter! Clare Kramer recommended her for Follow Friday.

October 02 2010

Charisma Carpenter joins Twitter! Really this time. Confirmed by a tweet from Julie Benz who says "we just spoke this morning".

September 19 2010

Seth Green joins Twitter! Our favorite stoic werewolf has joined up. More...

September 11 2010

Nathan Fillion Clone Contest. Nathan will "think of something, prize-wise." More...

September 07 2010

Simon Helberg joins Twitter. Nobody wants to be Moist, but everybody wants to follow him. (Confirmed by a tweet from Maurissa.)

July 31 2010

Syfy ripping off Amber Benson? It seems that the Syfy channel's upcoming project "Human Relations" bears a suspicious resemblance to Amber Benson and Adam Busch's "Drones." More...

July 07 2010

Firefly boys reunited - for a picture. There's a ship up there somewhere. Also James Gunn was there, and comments on a certain movie.

July 03 2010

50 Movie Twitterers You Should Follow. The list from Empire includes Eliza Dushku and Nathan Fillion.

June 08 2010

Jed Whedon is now Twittering! It was confirmed by his wife, so add him!

April 18 2010

Amy Acker joins Twitter! Confirmed by her husband.

April 07 2010

Sean Maher joins Twitter. Jewel says it is him.

February 06 2010

Dollhouse ARG Continuing? Senator Daniel Perrin just tweeted "Investigating Cause of Explosion in Tucson." Is it possible that we haven't seen the last of Dollhouse ARG stuff? More...

January 22 2010

Jonathan Woodward joins Twitter. Our favorite vamp psychiatrist has joined up. As verified by Amber Benson.

January 21 2010

Vote for Nathan Fillion in the Twitter Oscars (Shorty Awards). The Shorty Awards honor the best creators of short-form, real time content. You need a twitter account to vote.

January 06 2010

Felicia Day Blogs About Vanity Fair's Piece on Twitter and New Media. The piece featured her and other women. Fair to say, however, that she's not impressed. The article Felicia takes issue with can be found here.

December 27 2009

Tweeter Vote Wall Contest - Best of Twitter 2009. "Here we honor the best of the best on Twitter for 2009. Who do you think deserves the top honor? Will it be somebody famous or somebody that's about to become famous? There's only one way to find out". Vote for our Eliza (elizadushku)!

December 15 2009

Dollhouse among top Twitter trends of 2009. It came no 5 in TV.

November 20 2009

Adam Baldwin has joined Twitter. The Man they call has taken the plunge. Confirmed! More...

November 11 2009

On Mutant Enemy And Social Media. Theonetruebix had a theory. More...

October 09 2009

Official Dollhouse Twitter started posting. Follow @DOLLHOUSEonFOX for updates.

October 06 2009

Topher Joins Twitter! Fran Kranz is now among the ranks of Twitter as Miracle Laurie confirms to us in her own tweet right here!

September 25 2009

Tweet for Dollhouse Prizes. Dollverse will be giving away prizes to twitterers (twits?) who amuse them before and during the premiere tonight.

September 06 2009

Add a Dollhouse logo to your Twitter account. Should you want to. It adds a "Dollhouse 2" logo for all to see, along with the premiere date, to avoid people missing the return. There's another one, which is pretty cool too. More...

July 28 2009

Looking for Your Favorite Whedonverse Celeb? Find their Twitter Info Here! Whedonverse has a nicely laid out page that displays all the Whedon-relevant twitter contact information. More...

July 27 2009

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD promotion: a great example of Twitter Marketing. A UK business blogger comments on the use of social marketing resources in the online marketing of the Season 1 DVDs. On a related note Newsarama, compares the different promotion strategies used at Comicon by Fox for Dollhouse and Universal for Heroes. More...

June 29 2009

Anthony Stewart Head joins Twitter. His website's FAQ also links to his Twitter account.

June 27 2009

Jane Espenson has a Twitter, too. As confirmed (ish) by Tom Lenk and properly confirmed by our Simon.

June 22 2009

Twitterlit Has a New Category for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Twitterlit, which posts the first sentences from books, has been Buffycentric lately. And now they've set up a new section for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Today, they've added to the section with two entries on Firefly. More...

June 06 2009

K.D. Aubert (New York Slayer Nikki Wood) joins Twitter. Leonard Roberts (Forrest Gates) is also on Twitter but only tweeted once. More...

June 02 2009

Julie Benz talks about her love for Twitter. And, of course, she lets us know by tweeting a link to the interview.
Eliza Dushku to Shoot New Flick in Boston. Eliza lets her @followers know she will be shooting a new movie this month. More...

June 01 2009

Felicia Day at Microsoft's E3 press conference. She was demonstrating the new Facebook and Twitter features for Xbox Live. More...

May 17 2009

Tom Lenk on Twitter. Andrew joins other Whedon-alum on Twitter. More...

May 07 2009

BuddyTV wants to help save Dollhouse. They want fans of Dollhouse to write comments about the show which will be forwarded to the network, and invites fans to put a Dollhouse message on twitter.

May 03 2009

Dichen Lachman on twitter. Confirmed via her facebook page. :) (thanks One True b!x)

April 29 2009

Jewel Staite joins the twittering masses. According to Jewel's site, she has joined Twitter. Sadly the post didn't include a link, but I'm guessing it's this.

April 15 2009

Alyson Hannigan has joined the ranks of Twitter. Felicia Day is having an eventful day of unveiling fellow Whedon alum on Twitter.

April 14 2009

Nathan Fillion joins Twitter. Felicia Day posts: "Ok everyone follow @nathanfillion . It's really him! Muhahaha!"

March 26 2009

18 Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following. SCI FI Wire compiles a list of must-follow Twitterers, and naturally includes Felicia Day. More...
Hey, even Xander Harris twitters. One of his recent tweets: Why do the vampires get all the action? More...

March 04 2009

Cut! Actors take five to Twitter their fans. LA Times discusses use of Twitter by celebs, including Felicia Day (who was famously caught "twittering under the table" at the Dr. Horrible panel.) More...

January 14 2009

Whedonesque named one of 30 essential Twitter feeds for TV fans. Let the self-ref-fest begin. More...

November 27 2008

WhedonTrivia: Bringing Trivia to Twitter. "Our old Buffy/Angel LiVE Trivia Contests have hit Twitter." More...

November 23 2008

Dr Horrible DVD will be "available in time for the holidays" says Dr Horrible tweet. Just a random tweet giving a basic ETA for the DVD!

July 18 2008

What would Joss Twitter? Affectionate send up from the Great White Snark.

April 17 2008

Proof Joss Whedon is a social media visionary. Firefly captioning displays uncanny foreknowledge of innovative technology. More...

April 11 2007

Got Twitter? Add Drive to your friends. Director Greg Yaitanes will Twitter live director's commentary starting Sunday 8/7c. More...

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