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June 30 2013

A bit more information about the The Cabin in the Woods haunted house. As mentioned previously, Universal Studios in Orlando is building a full Cabin set for their Halloween celebration. It will include the forest, the cabin, and the facility. Sounds awesome. More...

May 13 2011

Zack Whedon has 'Talent'. He'll be adapting Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sneigoski's graphic novel into a movie for Universal.

April 09 2009

Would you rather have a third Riddick film or Serenity 2? A Rope of Silicon columnist tries to decide which sci-fi franchise Universal should revive.

August 03 2008

More Blu-Ray information for Firefly. A follow up from a previous post, this news story confirms the Firefly release date and also notes that Universal seems to have announced plans to bring Serenity to Blu-Ray.

June 18 2008

Special Give-Aways During Firefly on Universal HD. The Mods on the forum are giving away prizes when Firefly airs on Saturday nights. More...

June 01 2008

Universal Studios On Fire. This is an ongoing story. Please click on "refresh" or consult other sources for updates. There has been extensive damage to the area near Universal's Vehicle Collection (The Serenity "Mule" is there).

April 18 2008

Can stop the Serenity? Are there enough copies of the Serenity film print to go around for all of the charity screenings this year? More...

March 14 2008

Goners movie goes M.I.A.. Mary Parent at Universal goes to a chairman job at MGM, and Gonersarianozites everywhere fear for the welfare of the movie. More...

August 13 2007

Universal is Actually Advertising the Serenity Collector's Edition. "Well, at least they're doing banners." More...

November 02 2006

"Passed Thru The Storm" - Message from 11th Hour. 11th Hour posts at the OB that Universal's law firm has been authorized to conclude the matter. More...

October 29 2006

Viral marketing virus attacks the brain. Let's update about that legal action against 11th Hour and chums by Universal. Movie sites and blogs all over the internet are alight. All over the world. There's an open letter to Universal. theonetruebix's Browncoat Invoice site nears 100,000 visitors in a few days. Here's 11th Hour's store for those who haven't seen it. More...

October 27 2006

The (Browncoat) Invoice. A tongue in cheek website set up in the aftermath of Universal's actions against 11th Hour and others. It may be a light hearted approach but it does draw attention to the serious issue of what happens when a film studio and a fanbase get into bed.

October 24 2006

Universal's legal action against 11th Hour. As mentioned previously, Universal LLLC is starting to crack down on fan wares. 11th Hour received a pretty blunt notice that she is struggling to comply with, and I'm posting this as a separate entry to try and keep focused on her specific case rather than the larger issue behind it. More...

October 04 2006

Winner of the Big Damn Thank You site is announced. Followmal posts that the winner of the contest is Adam Vandergriff. He will be getting a free tshirt. More details in the post. More...

September 21 2006

Photo Contest at Big Damn Thank You site. The big damn thank you site is holding a contest for the top ranked photo. The deadline to upload a photo is Sept 30th, and the deadline to vote on photos is 11:59 GMT Oct 1st. The winner will get a t-shirt of their choice. More...

September 13 2006

Anniversary Job - Thank You to Universal Letter Writing Campaign. This is meant to convey to Universal the appreciation of the fandom for Serenity and that the fandom is not going anywhere. A few days before the release date of the movie Sept 30th, letters should be sent in. There is also a celebration aspect to this campaign too. Mailing address as well as the specific people to contact are given on that post. More...

March 23 2006

Universal UK announce legal movie download service - with Serenity and King Kong. In a fairly groundbreaking industry move (which is basically expensive to the point nobody will use it), you'll be able to download some of the best movies of the year from April 10.

February 05 2006

Universal is using Serenity to promote new contest. Universal Video on Demand is advertising their Step Into the Spotlight Sweepstakes (win a walk-on role in a feature film) and it's attached to four upcoming VOD movies: The Constant Gardener, Broken Flowers, Cry-Wolf, and (ta-da) Serenity. More...

November 08 2005

Universal Announce Australia's Serenity DVD Release. Special Packaging, and unique bonus material, planned for the DVD. Yip! More...

October 05 2005

Universal to put its movies online. It seeks to enter the internet era by the end of the year, by allowing people to get movies online.

September 30 2005

How Fox killed Firefly and brought Universal Serenity. Excellent blog analysis from a professional marketer's pov of Fox's bungling and Universal's smarts in the story of Firefly/Serenity. There are Whedon fans everywhere, evidently.

March 03 2004

Universal Gives Serenity the Green Light. From the Universal Pictures news release. More...

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