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August 28 2009

Serenity on Universal HD, Uncut, August 30th. Universal HD will be showing our beloved BDM twice this Sunday, at 7:00 & 9:30pm, Eastern time. No "slash and burn" editing, either. :)

April 28 2008

Firefly eCards at Universal HD. "Send the perfect Firefly e-card to all your favorite Firefly fans." More...

April 04 2008

Operation Full Burn: Liftoff! about to begin. Simply put, a Fan-led project to draw attention to UniversalHD's re-showing of Firefly as a weekly Series in HD. It's a way of waving our arms at Universal and saying, "Look! We're still here!" :). More...

July 18 2007

Universal HD promo: Firefly set to Strauss. First 2001, now our BDHs.

September 24 2006

Reminder: Firefly Airs Tonight in HD. The two-part episode 'Serenity' debuts tonight on Universal HD in 1080i high definition. More...

August 03 2006

Firefly to be broadcast in HD? Well it's scheduled to be shown on the Universal HD channel on Sunday, September 24th. More...

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