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"Put the rats back in the maze, Topher. Before one of them bites you."
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June 04 2008

Firefly/Serenity reference at 'HijiNKS Ensue' today. Re: Universal Studios fire. More...

April 26 2008

Universal generously providing Film Prints to CSTS. "Universal will be shipping in a number of prints from around the globe to help account for the shortage, at cost to them, which is incredibly generous." CSTS will evidently have enough Prints available, even with new Venues being added.

September 09 2006

Big Damn Thank You. Some Browncoats have set up a website to thank Universal for breathing new life into the 'Verse. It's an impressive debut for a fan effort and worth checking out.

September 10 2005

Fan Fest at Universal Studios Theme Park CA 9/24/05. "Universal Studios Hollywood guests will have a rare opportunity to meet Joss Whedon and the cast of Serenity and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the film." More...

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