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October 07 2007

Post Mortem: The WB and UPN. TV Guide has a revealing interview with the authors of "Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of the WB and UPN". It seems that Buffy's move to UPN had a bigger effect on The WB than previously thought. More...

September 14 2006

McCollum: The curtain goes up Monday on the new CW. Almost a eulogy to WB shows, including Buffy and Angel, crediting it as the network that "provided a launching pad for some of television and film's most distinctive voices" such as Joss Whedon. And as a reminder, the first episodes of Angel and Buffy will be shown on The WB on Sunday night.

June 01 2006

Entertainment Weekly picks the climax of BtVS 2.22 as top WB memorable moment. They also cite the pickup of season 6 as a highlight of UPN's existence, but that doesn't seem to be online.

January 29 2006

A Tale of Two Networks: Is Buffy responsible for the WB/UPN apocalypse? More...

January 24 2006

UPN, WB to be replaced by new network. A new merger means the end of the WB and UPN networks (to be replaced by new CW network). More...

November 04 2005

(SPOILER) Joss on UPN's Veronica Mars Website. He appears in the online advertisements for the show, and he also looks good on TV. More...

October 20 2005

(SPOILER) UPN reveal details on November episodes of Veronica Mars featuring Joss, Aly and Charisma. And the plot thickens. More...

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