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October 14 2010

More on the DH:HD Serenity story. Newsarama has more about the Dark Horse digital comics initiative with USA Today, including a suggestion of what to expect (and not expect) from the Serenity edition.

April 30 2009

USA TODAY's 12th Annual Save Our Shows Survey results. Adam Baldwin's Chuck won with 54%. "But the most startling show of support came for ABC's Castle, which premiered last month to modest ratings: 39% want it back, fourth in the poll!". And in related news, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wins E! Online's Save Our Show poll with Chuck and Dollhouse coming runners up.

February 25 2009

Dollhouse: the end of Eliza's acting career (in a good way)? So she implies in this article from USA Today. More...

December 31 2008

USA Today recommends Firefly for New Year's Day. Perfect hangover cure, plus a Dollhouse mention.

May 07 2003

(SPOILER) USA Today story about finale... If you've seen the preview for tonight's show, then this is most likely not a spoiler for you. That said, use your own discretion. More...

September 05 2002

Back to their former glory. USA Today attempts to fix Buffy along with other hit TV shows. More...

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