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July 08 2014

On the ethics of vampire slaying in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One writer makes a case for re-ensouling all vampires in the Buffyverse.

February 11 2012

Whedonverse veterans confirmed for Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Adam Baldwin and James Marsters announced as media guests at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in April. More...

June 14 2010

Vampire Paper Dolls. Dover released a set of Vampire Paper Dolls which includes Buffy, Angel and Spike (as well as True Blood and Twilight figures). I got mine in the grocery store children's books section. More...

September 13 2009

The diaries of other vampires revealed. TWOP ponders what other vamps might write in their journals, including entries from Angel and Spike. An amusing read.

March 09 2009

How Buffy slew vampires 500 yrs ago. Following on the recent trend of vampirical history, UK's Metro reports on the discovery of a unique vampire slaying method in late Medieval Italy. More...

March 05 2009

Best ways to kill a vampire. Novelist Scott Sigler takes on the myriad ways to keep the vamp population down... More...

January 24 2008

Remember the "Recast Buffy" challenge from Buzz Sugar? The results are in, and the choices for Willow, Spike and Giles are very interesting. Angel, though, not so much.

November 07 2007

Slayers on Facebook. For those of you playing the Vampire/Zombie/Werewolf game on Facebook, beware the Slayers. More...

October 26 2007

A vampire couldn't be killed by Buffy says professor. It's that time of the year for silly season vampire articles.

May 16 2007

No Bones About It: David Boreanaz Turns 38 Today. Happy Birthday to our favorite cocksure FBI agent/broody hot vampire! More...

March 30 2007

Buffy a gay show? MSN briefly mentions Buffy as an important cultural landmark. More...

December 30 2006

Homo sapiens whedonum. Author Peter Watts (or some guy from FizerPharm) provides slideshow to explain vampires. Very clever. More...

February 20 2006

Safe sex may require a mouth guard. See how your interest immediately perked up when I mentioned the word 'mouth guard'. Well, fellow Whedonites, you are not the only ones it appears. More...

January 04 2006

Vampire Angel Debut. The final plush in the Angel puppet line.

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