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September 08 2015

"Eddie" from Buffy Season Four on his current gigs. Pedro Pascal talks about playing a vampire in Bloodsucking Bastards (with Fran Kranz!), as well as his work on Game of Thrones and Narcos. More...

October 29 2013

Why we (heart) vampires. New special this Friday night on NBC at 8 about vampires with James Marsters.

June 08 2013

Ranking the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" vampires. Louis Peitzman of BuzzFeed ranks the top 22 vampires of Sunnydale.

May 15 2013

Amber Benson to star in Neil Gaiman's acting debut. The movie is a vampire love story set in 1940s Los Angeles, was written by Michael Reaves, and will star Neil Gaiman, Amber Benson and Christina Moses. More...

February 10 2012

Buffyverse Vampires and Criminal Liability. Are vampires liable for murder? The Law and the Multiverse blog investigates.

January 23 2012

SFX Magazine's Top 50 Vampires of 2012. The Buffyverse vampires stormed the poll three years ago. Found out how the likes of Darla, Harmony, Vampire Willow, Angel/Angelus and Spike fared this time round.

December 06 2011

Vote in SFX's Greatest Vampires Poll. The Buffyverse did really well last time round (Spike topped the poll), can it happen again?

August 19 2011

"The (Un)Dead Sexy Matrix of Onscreen Vampires". Where do Buffy's leading vampires fall? Somewhere between bloodcurdlingly scary, dead sexy, repulsive or tamer than a pair of bunny slippers...

August 14 2011

"Count Jeff" - a new web series from Amber Benson & Adam Busch. It's about life as a new vampire when you work in a dead-end job and have little to look forward to.

January 26 2011

'Being Human' creator lists his vampiric inspirations. A list of the usual suspects, with an interesting omission . . . of sorts.

October 25 2010

Vampires in pop culture. Buffy is among several pop culture texts to be discussed by two Duke University professors at the Durham County Library. More...

August 12 2010

SFX Magazine poll - Who is your favourite Vampire of all time? And while you're at it, vote for your favourite anti-hero too. There's Whedonverse choices galore.

June 05 2010

SFX Magazine's top 50 vampires. Last year SFX brought out a Vampire Special which included their Vampire Top 50 as voted for by the magazine's readers. The list is now online and The Master, Vampire Willow, Harmony, Darla, Drusilla, Angel/Angelus and Spike all made the cut. But which one of those Buffyverse vampires took the number one slot?

November 02 2009

Why vampires still thrill. The vampire phenomenon gets discussed on Sunday Night Safran and, naturally, Buffy gets a mention. More...

October 27 2009

Vampire Reunion Video. Angel and Buffy (not the original actors) make cameos in this college humor sketch. More...

October 24 2009

Vampire Wars: Who's the Best Evil (Yet Hot) Vampire? E!Online wants to know which evil, sexy vampire is the best. In this poll, Spike is up against True Blood's Eric Northman and The Vampire Diary's Damon Salvatore.

July 20 2009

Why The Ladies Love Vampires. Article discusses recent increase in vampire fandom and the attraction that vampires seem to have, especially for women. Buffy nod on second page.

June 30 2009

True Blood is biting into the Buffy effect according to the Guardian. True Blood is debuting on British screens and this blog post talks about the effect of Buffy.

June 09 2009

SFX Vampire Special now on sale. The magazine has exclusive interviews with Juliet Landau and James Marsters. And free Buffy coasters as well! Will they be as awesome as the Buffy Morphers that came free with packets of Sugar Puffs? Only time will tell.

February 23 2009

For the vampire buffs, here's an origin story. The New Scientist website has a short story on the forensic facts behind the vampirism myth -- featuring, of course, our favourite Slayer for context.

November 30 2008

13 Dangerously Sexy Bloodsuckers. On this list of sexy vampires Vampire Willow makes number 9, Spike takes number 3. More...

November 19 2008

Vampires ate your hair. IO9 takes on the issue of vampy hairdos (or hairdon'ts) with comparisons of Angel and Spike to the latest Twilight style.

October 13 2008

We can't pay you to watch Buffy. Buffy unfortunately makes the list of 20 hits we couldn't pay someone to see. Gossip Girl is a healthy alternative though.

March 29 2007

Sanctuary, new innovative web series with a buffy-esque heroine. It is a new show produced outside of studio involvement for distribution online first, and will feature Dr. Helen Magnus(Amanda Tapping), "157-year old woman who seeks out all manner of terrifying and monstrous creatures" and her daughter Ashley Magnus (Emille Ullerup) "more kick-ass and Buffy-esque". Interesting aspects : mostly green screen, shot in HD, interactive gaming and social networking, direct contact between makers and fans. More...

October 26 2006

Vampyre Club seeks new Recruits in London. More...

October 25 2006

Researcher mathematically proves that vampires don't exist. University of Central Florida physics professor Costas Efthimiou has come up with a mathematical way to disprove the existence of vampires. More...

September 25 2006

From Bram to Buffy: Dracula, and Other Vampires I've Known. There will be a discussion of vampires in popular culture--including, as the title suggests, Buffy--at the Nordonia Hills library in the Akron, Ohio area on October 5. More...

August 02 2006

BE Scared with Andy Hallett and fall under the spell of Juliet Landau at the Bash. Andy is the latest guest to be added to BE Scared in Burbank, CA in Oct. Also, Juliet will be joining Alexis for the Bash in the Bluegrass State in June 2007. Tickets for both events onsale now.Update: Booster now offering GA tickets for Blowout. More...

April 07 2006

Booster Blows Out and Scares up some verse guest for upcoming events. Aug. 18-20 is the BE Blow Out 1, which includes former verse guest Elisabeth Rohm and Mark Sheppard. Then Oct. 13-15, BE Scared reunites Darla and Dru as Julie Benz joins the line-up, with Juliet Landau and Dennis Christopher. More...

July 23 2005

They Stake Dead Guys, Don't They? Reflection's Edge magazine praises Joss once again in an in-depth, informative article about how vampire mythology has changed over the course of time. Addresses the potential origins for the myth, the metaphors involved with vampires and vampirism, and more.

July 10 2005

Night Watch Movie - "Although ostensibly a story about lycanthropes & vampires in Moscow, the movie's real focus is the co-existence & balance between the forces of good & evil." BtVS mention. More...

July 08 2005

Buffy Can Explain How Professor Snape is a Vampire? An interesting editorial based on the character of Professor Snape in the Harrry Potter novels. The editorial goes on to explain how Buffy and other vampire mythology might be a clue as to whether or not Snape really is a bloodsucker or not.

March 12 2003

(SPOILER) UPN has released two images in conjunction with the ending of the seven-year run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. #2 More...

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