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"Well, personally? I kinda want to slay the dragon."
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May 16 2014

View the trailer for Anthony Stewart Head's new Syfy show, Dominion. has the trailer for "Dominion", starring Anthony Stewart Head and Chris Egan, premieres June 19 on SyFy.

April 20 2012

(SPOILER) Trade magazines give The Avengers rave reviews. The reviews are full of spoilers, so non-spoiler versions: Hollywood Reporter say "(joss) pulls off a stunning feat in bringing balance to this superhuman circus, engineered to charm the geek core and non-fans alike." Variety say: "'s a clean-burning, six-cylinder entertainment that exudes discipline in every particular, from the script's balance of sincerity and self-effacing humor to the well-integrated visual effects to the keen sense of proportion that governs the ensemble. Whenever the possibility of boredom or excess rears its head, Whedon finds an elegant solution." Empire Magazine say: "A joyous blend of heroism and humour that raises the stakes even as it maintains a firm grip on what makes the individual heroes tick. "

September 22 2009

Whedon's hit-free adventures. Variety's television columnist, Brian Lowry, dissects the niche appeal of Joss's shows. More...

June 07 2007

(SPOILER) Variety reviews Death at a Funeral. Alan Tudyk's upcoming movie gets a mostly positive review, with his storyline getting singled out as "wonderfully played." More...

October 14 2005

Variety AD: Serenity thank you from the Browncoats. This ad appeared on the back cover of the Daily National Variety magazine for October 14, 2005. It is a love note and a big thank you to Joss, the cast, crew and Universal for Serenity from the Browncoats and many other fans. Check out the color version - it's gorgeous!

October 03 2005

Donations sought after for full-page Variety ad. People are asking for money to place an ad in Variety for the Big Damn Movie. More...

August 05 2004

Quick BtVs mention regarding the mass media appeal of superheroes. From Variety's comic blog, Bags and Boards.

December 12 2002

Joss's reaction to the Variety ad as told by Kelly in her weblog. More...

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