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May 12 2015

The definitive feature on the VFX in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This is a fantastic fxguide article on how the VFX studios were chosen for Age of Ultron and how certain scenes from the movie were carried out. It's a great read.

May 24 2011

Industrial Light & Magic are doing the VFX for The Avengers. Check out the "in production" section of their website.

February 18 2009

(SPOILER) Zoic's Dollhouse Mind Wipe. VFX talks to Zoic Studios about their visual effects work Dollhouse. Discussion of effects shots in non-aired episode(s) contained within.

October 09 2007

Drive one shot scene online. Zoic got an Emmy nomination for visual effects for this several minute scene, where the actors never left the sound stage. It never aired.

March 25 2007

Wilkapunk Slices Serenity. Have you, like me, spend countless hours wondering what happens if Serenity had a smack down with a robot with a sword? Well, somebody has come along to answer the biggest question of 2007. More...

October 05 2005

(SPOILER) More on the visual effects used in Serenity. Lovely behind the scenes interview with two of the guys who worked on one of the movie's end sequences. You can tell they really had a great time and there's a cool insight into Joss' approach to creating Serenity.

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