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January 10 2011

Felicia Day interviewed at the Video Game Awards by Angry Joe (who should really be called Excitable Joe, or in this case Flustered Joe). There is also an interview by a representative of The Game Heroes.

September 06 2010

Felicia Day's SyFy Movie "Red" will air October 30th. As part of its "31 Days of Halloween" festival, Felicia Day's movie Red: Werewolf Hunter, a twist of the "Red Riding Hood" story, will air October 30th. More...

May 10 2009

Felicia Day on the Kevin Pollack Show tonight. Online at 8pm ET. More...

March 21 2008

Felicia Day's "The Guild" wins another award. Felicia's funny web series, "The Guild" has won for Best Series in the YouTube Video Awards, just after winning an award at the South By Southwest Festival. She's also up for a Yahoo Video Award. And episode 8 of The Guild is now online.

December 01 2007

The Guild Episode 5. The next installment of Felicia Day's (Vi) web-series is up.

September 08 2007

Felicia Day's hilarious online series continues with The Guild #3. Link to The Guild's Homepage if you missed the first two episodes. Really entertaining. More...

August 14 2007

Felicia Day posts the second entry in her very funny online series, The Guild. It's also the editor's pick in YouTube's Entertainment category. More...

March 17 2006

Felicia Day: Hollywood's Deadliest Level 60 Gnome Warlock. Liquid Generation's interview with Felicia Day (ex-Buffy potential Vi and USPS commercial star), and her life-time love of video games... especially her obsession with World of Warcraft.

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