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August 16 2008

The search for Kimi continues. Another friend of Kimi reaches out. More...

August 03 2007

The He and She of It. Read "Gender and Fan Culture" by Derek Kompare and Cynthia Walker. Its subsections include "Fandom Meets The Powers That Be," and "Fanboys/Fan Girls Revisited," among others, and several fandoms, including Joss Whedon & his fans, are mentioned in passing. More...

November 02 2006

"Passed Thru The Storm" - Message from 11th Hour. 11th Hour posts at the OB that Universal's law firm has been authorized to conclude the matter. More...

October 29 2006

Viral marketing virus attacks the brain. Let's update about that legal action against 11th Hour and chums by Universal. Movie sites and blogs all over the internet are alight. All over the world. There's an open letter to Universal. theonetruebix's Browncoat Invoice site nears 100,000 visitors in a few days. Here's 11th Hour's store for those who haven't seen it. More...

June 10 2006

River Tam Session 417. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

December 16 2005

I can see you: The R. Tam Sessions Story. A detailed account of the Serenity viral marketing campaign as observed by The One True b!X, maintainer of

September 27 2005 Updated. Looks like the gent who was setting up the bluesun ARG didn't have time to finish in time.

September 05 2005

Session 416 - First Excerpt. The fifth (and reportedly final) Serenity viral marketing clip. More...

August 29 2005

(SPOILER) New Clip - Session 165. The latest viral marketing clip. More...

August 25 2005

Session 22 - the next River Tam clip. More viral fun, this time Session 22.

August 24 2005

Joss and Summer talk "Session 416" viral marketing videos. Various reports out of London hit today with Joss Whedon and Summer Glau reacting to questions about the "Session 416" videos that have cropped up online in the past seven days. More...

August 23 2005

Another viral marketing clip mysteriously surfaces - Session 416. There is now a second video clip of Summer Glau floating around the Internet, scooped by Submitted by "John Dowses" which is an anagram for "Joss Whedon." (3 MB, .MOV). Coverage of the two viral clips over at Sci Fi Wire. Spoof of the first clip that surfaced over at Checkerboard Nightmare.

August 17 2005

(SPOILER) Viral marketing for "Serenity" underway? Originally seen on the official 'Versal board, it seems that the "marketing blitz" which Joss himself referred to the other day (saying it was about to get underway) has in fact begun. (Spoiler tag added for precautionary purposes. The clip you can play by following the headline-link is not itself from the film.) More...

July 15 2005

Organise a Firefly viewing Shindig! The latest challenge on the official board (reg and login rqd) More...

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