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October 04 2013

CSTS has a poll up for donation split percentages. "The question has two choices. You can only vote once although you can change your vote until the poll is closed. You’ve only got until October 12, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST to get your vote counted."

March 28 2011

Vote for Serenity in the "Elite Eight" of io9's March Movie Madness! In this round, Serenity is up against the original Terminator. More...

March 15 2011

Vote for Serenity in io9's March Movie Madness. "This planet's greatest scifi films" compete in the "most important tournament of our time". Voting begins tomorrow at 11 AM PST. More...

July 29 2010

Vote for more Jossword puzzles. More specifically: "More Joss Whedon, Dammit! *cries*" is the option, so far we're coming in behind Disney/Pixar, 2 days to vote.

March 18 2010

(Vote) Castle Still in the Running for Hulu's "Best in Show" Competition. Currently Nathan Fillion's show, Castle is in a 50/50 dead heat with the Simpsons. If Castle wins it will face off against the winner of Community v. Parks & Recreation in the semi-finals.

January 21 2010

Vote for Nathan Fillion in the Twitter Oscars (Shorty Awards). The Shorty Awards honor the best creators of short-form, real time content. You need a twitter account to vote.

January 07 2010

Vote for Sarah Michelle Gellar in Hello's Most Attractive Woman of 2009 poll. Get everyone with a computer, but only tell them if you know they will vote for her!!!

December 27 2009

Tweeter Vote Wall Contest - Best of Twitter 2009. "Here we honor the best of the best on Twitter for 2009. Who do you think deserves the top honor? Will it be somebody famous or somebody that's about to become famous? There's only one way to find out". Vote for our Eliza (elizadushku)!

April 02 2009

March Madness - The Whedonverse Character Tourney FINALE. The final round is Buffy vs. Spike! More...

October 01 2008

Non partisan PSA: Don't vote! Here is Michelle Trachtenberg, and I think Amy Adams encouraging you not to vote! More...

July 23 2008

Buffy makes it to the title match in Redeye's Best Superhero Ever Tournament. Buffy defeated Superman and moves into the title match. More...

July 11 2008

Buffy narrowly defeats Thor in "Best Superhero Ever" Tourney. Buffy moves into the Sweet 16 against Batman. Poll closes on Wednesday. More...

January 24 2008

Ships Of The Line. An intriguing piece on about Sci/Fi Spacecraft. There's a voting poll on page 3. Cast your vote for the Shiniest Ship in the 'Verse. -We're getting walloped by the Millenium Falcon, btw.

January 11 2007

The Serenity DVD needs your vote at DVD Reviewer! In the category of "best disc of the year". More...

November 27 2006

Firefly Reaches 75,000 Votes on TV_Vote. Firefly has passed over 75,000 votes on TV_Vote: Top 5, a site that ranks the most popular shows. Firefly is currently in 5th place. More...

May 31 2006

Firefly Reaches 20,000 Votes on TV_Vote: Best 5. Firefly has reached 20,000 votes on TV_Vote: Best 5, a site dedicated to finding the 5 most popular tv shows ever made. On the top of the main page is a slideshow congratulating browncoats. More...

April 12 2006

Vote in the 2006 Mr Pointy Awards! Slayage offers the best of Buffy and Angel analysis for your reading and voting pleasure. More...

January 28 2006

Vote for Serenity as 'Unsung Gem' at The movie is up against Brokeback Mountain and A History of Violence among others.

January 11 2006

AstroStart Film Top 100. A Dutch website about space films where you can vote for your three favorites (the top spot on the form being for your favorite, then second favorite, then third), Serenity being one of the options. In fact, it is currently ranked as #10 on the top 100. More...

November 15 2005

BBC Film 2005 - Vote for 'Film of the Year'. Surely I don't even need to mention what film we should all vote for here... let's show the BBC the strength of us Whedonites!

March 08 2005

Vote Astonishing X-Men for Marvel's Cover of the year. Issue six goes head to head against the first issue of New Avengers in the final (reg req to vote). Though how this issue 2 cover got knocked out in the first round is anyone's guess.

October 15 2004

Vote for the Sexiest Men in The World. And you can choose either David or James in this poll to find the Number One Man in the world.

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