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August 12 2009

Still no Dollhouse webisodes. The Toronto Star takes a look at web content accompanying TV and reports that Joss "is all for spreading his content out over several platforms, but this year he simply doesn't have the budget for it".

May 17 2009

Dr. Horrible and The Guild cited in Washington Post article on the emergence of web series. This is an interesting article describing the emergence of web series as an alternative media to TV, citing several of our favorites as leading indicators. More...

December 12 2008

No Dollhouse webisodes on the horizon? Back in June, Joss told The Live Feed that "we are planning to do a series of webisodes -- literally a full season of them". But Fox Publicity tells Pie Spoilers!!! that they "do not believe that there will be supplementary webisodes".

July 22 2008

Joss has plans to do Dollhouse webisodes. According to The Live Feed, Joss plans to, "do a series of webisodes -- literally a full season of them. We're planning to do one for every episode produced. Whether we pull that off remains to be seen." More...

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