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November 08 2010

Wet 2 confirmed. I would assume Eliza is on board for this, although there's no mention of her.

October 08 2009

Eliza Dushku Ponders Live-Action Wet. Eliza tells MTV News that she's interested in a movie role as Rubi, her "working-class Lara Croft" character from Bethesda and A2M's Wet.

September 15 2009

IGN review of Eliza Dushku's 'Wet' video game. It's out this week in the USA and Europe.

September 01 2009

The Music of WET. Eliza, and the guys behind WET talk about the game's soundtrack.

August 22 2009

WET demo on the EU PlayStation Store. In the game, Eliza Dushku voiced the main character. More...

August 15 2009

Behind the Scenes of WET. Eliza says: "It's a crazy, f*cked up ride."

July 09 2009

Eliza will be on GameTrailersTV tonight. It's on SPIKE at 12:30 EST. Interesting fact: Rubi Malone was modeled after Eliza before it was known she'd be voicing her.

June 07 2009

Eliza promotes her computer game 'Wet'. I haven't seen this here yet (and it still has a low number of hits, so I think it is new): I love seeing Eliza Dushku doing a computer game character, not all big stars want to do this, but you know there will be a movie of 'Wet'... eventually. More...

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