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February 21 2008

"Everything that has happened before, will happen syndication." Two Browncoats go to a cafe expecting free pie and Joss Whedon. Instead they uncover a deep Network TV conspiracy involving cylons, zombies, and reality TV. This video is the Corvallis (Oregon) Browncoats submission to the FairDeal4Writers contest.

February 07 2008

Joss Whedon Climbs the Ramparts. Slate hears Joss's cry of "FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT."

January 26 2008

Whedonverse actors have a 'striking' take on the current situation in Hollywood. Three veteran 'verse actors, Camden Toy - Gentleman/Gnarl/Ubervamp on "Buffy" and Prince of Lies on "Angel; Bonita Friedericy - Cordelia's dress shop boss on "Buffy" and Jasmine's assistant Patience on "Angel"; and John Billingsley - werewolf expert Dr. Royce on "Angel" (and also Dr. Phlox on "Star Trek: Enterprise"), show us some entertainingly simple solutions to the WGA strike.

January 07 2008

Join Jane Espenson in Vegas! Jane like you've never seen her! Which would be in Las Vegas tomorrow night picketing for the Writers Strike at the Consumer Electronics Show. More...

December 17 2007

First March of the Mutant Enemy, Part 2. The Mutant Enemy Day Documentary concludes, interviewing more folks, including William Mapother (Lost) and Joss Whedon himself. As someone who was there, this video (and the part before it) shows exactly what it felt like to be there that day.

December 10 2007

Whedon fans et al. make Wall Street Journal. An article about fans meeting their favorite writers on the WGA picket lines. More...

November 29 2007

WGA the Dog: CBR News Examines the WGA Strike. Joss gets a few mentions, including the fact he has been "sick as a dog" recently, in this very comprehensive report on the WGA strike. More...

November 28 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson. Jane talks about picketing, BSG, and Finding Serenity. More...

November 24 2007

A Firefly Theme Parody for ME Day. I guess Somebody had to do it: A very catchy ME Day Theme Song, set to "The Ballad Of Serenity". Cute one, too. :)

November 14 2007

Seth Green on the picket lines with Krispie Kreme Donuts. Seth Green not only attended "Bring-A Star-To Picket-With-You" day on the picket lines, but passed out donuts as well. More...

November 08 2007

No Welcome to the Dollhouse For Now. Joss has a little bit more to say about that icky strike on yesterday's Variety weblog. More...

November 01 2007

Whedon speaks re: 'Goners', WGA strike. Nestled within today's abundant press coverage of the "Dollhouse" announcement - an update from Joss on the status of Goners ("nothing's happening") and his take on the looming WGA strike ("I support it"). [Complete quotes after the jump...] More...

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