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June 14 2016

Geek & Sundry live reading of the Wonder Woman script (part 3 of 3). The broadcast on the Twitch web stream starts at 7-ish PST Tues evening. This is part 3 of 3 for the reading of one of Whedon's WW scripts (from when he was working with WB, almost a decade ago). More...

June 07 2016

G&S live reading of the Wonder Woman script (part 2 of 3). The broadcast on the Twitch web stream starts at 7-ish PST Tues evening. This is part 2 of 3 for the reading of one of Whedon's WW scripts (from when he was working with WB, almost a decade ago). More...

July 14 2015

Video of Joss Whedon's panel at Comic-Con 2015. It's been uploaded on youtube by Flicks And The City, Enjoy!

December 17 2014

IGN interviews Joss Whedon on the Age of Ultron Set. "There's something terrible coming that you'll love." ScreenCrush, moviefone, superherohype, HitFix, and /Film also have the interview with him about the film.

May 20 2014

Own a piece of Buffy history! There is a screen used prop from "Once More With Feeling" being sold.

December 14 2013

Reading Joss Whedon. First notice of a new academic book studying Joss.

September 16 2013

Joss crashes London Serenity Con. Joss Whedon crashed the Starfury "Serenity Forever" convention in London this past weekend.

July 22 2013

Listen to Joss Whedon on the Nerdist Podcast. Chris, Matt, and Jonah invade Joss's home to talk about how he casts for his characters, coming up with new ideas, and the days when he and Chris lived across the street from each other!

June 24 2013

Joss mentioned in new Marvel Heroes Video Game Easter Egg. Joss is mentioned in the new Marvel Heroes video game. The dialogue in question is spoken by Wonder-Man, who mentions that "Whedon better put him in the sequel."

June 19 2013

Joss Whedon finds time to do 'Much Ado'. Emma Bates talks to JSOnline: "He's somebody who's always cooking up something. Still, it was so hilarious. I mean, how secret can Shakespeare be?"

June 06 2013

The link between blockbuster superheroes and a little Shakespeare adaptation. Whedon explains to NPR that the foundation of all his work is to "draw the life out of every character...that sounds weird and vampiric!" More...

April 05 2013

When one geek met Joss Whedon: "What do you say to Nerd Jesus?" What it's like to meet your hero, when your hero is Joss.

January 14 2013

Joss Whedon nominated in the YOUreviewers Awards for Best Director.

December 15 2012

Year of the Whedon: a GIF guide. The Weekly Whedon looks back on 2012's Jossness with this handy guide.

September 05 2012

American Beauty live read features Whedon alum. Jason Reitman directs a live, one-night only stage reading of the film "American Beauty" at the Toronto International Film Festival. More...

August 14 2012

Whedon to Birbiglia and This American Life: Drop Dead! In which Joss sarcastically exhorts us to boycott Mike Birbiglia's upcoming indie flick so it won't overtake the Avengers. Classic Whedony humor.

August 10 2012

Why Joss' exclusive Marvel contract could actually be a big deal. The main takeaway from Marvel's announcement.

August 07 2012

Joss Whedon signs three year deal with Marvel Studios. Joss will work under the company's roof until June 2015.

July 25 2012

15 stars who (nearly) showed their naughty bits on MTV's "Undressed". Four Whedon actors make the list.

May 09 2012

(SPOILER) Joss discusses a major plot point of The Avengers. Whedon discusses why he was compelled to write a pivotal scene in the Avengers film the way it was written. Link is very spoiler-heavy for those who have yet to see Avengers.

April 13 2012

"The Philosophy of Joss Whedon" explores higher aspects of the pop culture icon. An interview with the editors of the book.

April 12 2012

Marvel's The Avengers tracking for huge opening weekend. Remember trying to shove people out to see Serenity?

April 10 2012

Cabin in the Woods Review. The Schmoes Know brings you a spoiler-free review.

January 11 2012

Firefly Blu-ray giveaway. You can enter via Twitter or Facebook. Details are over at Monster Popcorn.

September 14 2011

A question and answer regarding Joss and Toy Story. A Pixar camera artist gives his recollections on Joss and his work on Toy Story . More...

June 28 2011

Who should be the villain(s) of The Avengers? has their top 10 list of who should be cast as the big bads and why.

June 15 2011

Dark Horse's #WhedonWednesday goes Alpha! Dark Horse's new & awesome #WhedonWednesday gave us this 'Dollhouse:Epitaphs' sneak peak!

June 14 2011

Pre-Order Buffy Season 9 at TFAW! You can now pre-order all 3 variants of Buffy Season 9, #1, at or start a Season 9 subscription. Some beautiful, amazing artwork by Jo Chen, Steve Morris & Georges Jeanty! More...

June 13 2011

Joss Whedon Rap - a song about Joss Whedon. A little bit and more bits of fandom & fun from a girl who wants to have sexual intercourse with ours truly. And who loves Fray ^^.

May 10 2011

Whedon topics on Quora. Recently started exploring Quora and found lots of Whedony topics, including BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Nathan. Lots more to find, given time. Oh, and Felicia answers questions on her topic.

April 28 2011

Whedon love in Ryan Sohmer's "Gutters". The webcomic series about comic books has faith in Joss.

April 10 2011

Introduction to Whedonistas. "A host of award-winning female writers and fans come together to celebrate the works of Joss Whedon."

March 09 2011

Spooks writers cite Joss Whedon among influences. In an interview, new Spooks writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent talk about season 9 of the BBC hit. Spoilers for series 9 of Spooks.

November 07 2010

USA Today has the first part of Serenity: Downtime. USA Today's front web page has an article and the first five pages of the comic. Downtime is a story writen by Zack Whedon. This page will be updated tomorrow with the second half.

October 18 2010

Writing about Whedon as a director. How would you evaluate a paper about Joss' directing? More...

May 03 2010

The top ten tertiary Whedon characters. Some love for the unsung heroes of the Whedonverse.

April 27 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 available for Pre-Order now! Dollhouse Season 2 available for pre-order on Amazon! No release date posted as of now. Just thought all you crazy kids wanted to know!

April 21 2010

The (possible) redemption of Joss Whedon. Daily Wildcat explores the possible redemption of Joss Whedon.

April 18 2010

A fan's point of view on Joss directing The Avengers. As seen on YouTube.

December 29 2009

Two Whedon Comics Among io9's 100 Favorite Comic Covers of the 2000s. The covers for Astonishing X-Men #2 (John Cassaday) and Buffy #3 (Jo Chen) made the top 20. More...

December 18 2009

Dr. Horrible named one of the decade's best geek moments. Joss's web creation is added to list of triumphs for the 2000s. More...

November 25 2009

Can't Stop the Serenity Last Hurrah Charity Auction Week 2. Make sure to check out the really cool items on auction for Equality Now!

November 09 2009

Rossum Corporation has new website. In a clever way to promote Dollhouse's return in December, the Rossum Corporation has set up its own website explaining its mission. It includes the locations of some of the regional offices that could also be doubling as "Dollhouses". There's even a response to Senator Daniel Perrin's investigation which will be part of the show next month. More...

October 23 2009

13 kick-ass moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "This list is about kick-ass moments; moments that make you want to jump out of your seat and shout, "Hell, yeah!"

October 19 2009

Joss Whedon to direct one of the back-nine episodes of GLEE. I feel like crying tears of joy right now. Update: Joss comments.

October 05 2009

GeekSix gives a primer on starting your own Serenity RPG. GeekSix Josh, the guy who gave Browncoats an online depot for RPG resources, gives his tips on a running a successful campaign in the 'Verse.

September 23 2009

New Social Network for Whedon Fans. It looks like another Whedon Fan Group just sprung up. More...

September 15 2009

Bons Mots from Joss. The vocabulary-building "A Word A Day" mail list always includes a bonus "Thought for Today". Today's thought is a typically impassioned Joss quote about getting involved and making a difference. More...

July 28 2009

Joss appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon tries to sell his "The Recharger" character to Joss, and other geek-gods like Stan Lee, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Geoff Johns amongst others. All at this year's Comic Con. More...

June 12 2009

Fun Fictional Worlds. AV Club writers ponder the question: "Which works of fiction create a world (or a version of reality) that you’d consider most enjoyable to live in?". More...

May 05 2009

Whedon Week at CC2K - The Lost Script For Alien: Resurrection. CinCity2000 digs up Whedon's shooting script for Alien:Resurrection and compares it to the filmed version. More...

April 17 2009

The Puzzle Hub features a Mutant Enemy crossword. A simple printable crossword focused mostly on Buffy and Angel. More...

February 11 2009

(SPOILER) A sneak peek at the cover of Angel #24 - as modelled by the great Franco Urru. So *that's* what he looks like:)

January 18 2009

Angel:After the Fall issue 16 confirmed for release this Wednesday. This is the penultimate issue of the 'After the Fall' arc-the tension is mounting up!

November 27 2008

ANGEL:ATF wins one of Wizard Magazine's Moments of the year. *That* last page of issue #3 is singled out for kudos.

November 16 2008

(SPOILER) Angel:After the Fall #14 five page preview. Preview for this Wednesday's issue.

September 09 2008

Angel: After the Fall volume 2 HC released today! Courtesy of Brian Lynch. Looks gorgeous. More...

September 01 2008

Wondering about a Whedon wedding. It seems Maurissa and Jed are tying the knot on April 18th.

August 05 2008

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall posts Angel:After the Fall #12 preview page by artist Stephen Mooney. Mooney will be taking over artistic duties for Issues 12 and 13. More...

July 31 2008

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has IDW 'After the Fall' solicitations for October. The 'lucky' 13th issue of the Angel and the final issue of the Spike arrive this month.

July 29 2008

Dr. Horrible panel from Comic-Con finally on You Tube. It's in several parts, this being part one. More...

July 17 2008

Joss Whedon Talks Dollhouse and his Love Affair with Battlestar Galactica. TVAddict speaks to Joss about regime change at FOX, and pilfering cast members from BSG. More...

July 16 2008

(SPOILER) Spike:After the Fall #1 and Angel:After the Fall Volume 1 Hardcover released today. Let us know what you think of the Spike prequel, and the Angel collected:)

July 15 2008

Fox exec says "Joss was a gift". Kevin Reilly, Fox president of entertainment, is excited about Dollhouse.

May 21 2008

Angel: After the Fall #1 [Director's Cut] released today. A special features packed re-issue of the 1st issue,with corrections,script and writers notes. Should be interesting. Newsarama has a 5 page preview of the issue which includes a look at the script.

May 18 2008

(SPOILER) has exclusive photo incentive covers for Angel #9 and Spike #1. The Spike cover can be found here.

April 30 2008

Aint It Cool News Talks to Chiwetel Ejiofor. Capone, one of the regular writers for the site, sits down with our favorite Operative to talk about his career, including how he was cast in "Serenity". Aside from his memorable Othello, Ejiofor will soon be seen in David Mamet's "Redbelt". It starts this weekend in L-A and New York, then to more theaters a week later.

February 10 2008

SC3: Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse. June 5-8, 2008--Scholars and fans gather for a third time to analyze all things Whedonesque. Jeanine Basinger is a keynote speaker. More...

January 28 2008

"What to watch on DVD". The Chicago Tribune weighs in on what to watch while the Strike's going on. There are a lot of Browncoats making themselves known in the Windy City. This evidently includes the Author of the Article. :)

January 09 2008

AICN Comics' review of Angel: After the Fall #2. Story: Great!! Artwork: Not so much.

December 24 2007

(SPOILER) reviews Angel:After the Fall#2. "This book takes just about everything that was great about the show and gives us fans exactly what we wanted: More." More...

December 21 2007

(SPOILER) Angel After the Fall Interaction: Issue 4 winner announced. Time & Space Toys interactive cover experience coninues, with Irish artist Stephen Mooney providing the cover for the winning entrant. More...

December 09 2007

Buffy fan gives a report on Mutant Enemy Day in L.A. A site called, run by Monique, has a report on who she met at Mutant Enemy Day last Friday. It even includes some of the guests from the recent Browncoat Cruise, and that's only the beginning.

December 08 2007

New BtVS Podcast: Can't Be Exchanged For Goods And/Or Services. The host of the podcast, Claude, has posted the first episode of his new Buffy podcast... And he used the term "Jod" so I'm happy.

November 21 2007

(SPOILER) Angel:After the Fall #1 released today. The wait is finally over!The Fang Gang is back! More...

November 11 2007

Joss cameo on CBExtras. In the midst of the WGA strike joke for this Monday, Comic Book Extras features a brilliant Joss Whedon cameo. More...

November 07 2007

Academics love their Whedies, too! Deadline for submissions to SW/TX PCA/ACA extended! More...

November 02 2007

Joss to be interviewed on "Attack of the Show" tonight. This daily (and quirky) show is on the G4 network which is geared towards the internet & gamers crowd. From their site: "We’ll talk with comic book writer extraordinaire, Joss Whedon." More...

November 01 2007

"Dollhouse" has a fan-run website. It didn't take long, but now we have a website for the new Whedon-Minear-Dushku series. It also has links to MySpace, Facebook and LiveJournal sites

October 19 2007

Hollywood Reporter column compares Buffy Musical with "Viva Laughlin". An interesting column from Andrew Wallenstein of the Hollywood Reporter compares "Once More With Feeling" to the premiere of Viva Laughlin in a discussion of how some TV shows take the risk of making musical episodes. More...

August 03 2007

Whedonopolis covers most things Whedon related at Comic con. Including coverage of panels and interviews with people like; David Fury, Ben Englund, Mercedes McNab, and Tony Todd.

July 27 2007

(SPOILER) First smidgen of info from IDW's 'Angel:After the Fall' panel at Comic-Con. And there's more coverage with cover art over at Newsarama. More...

July 23 2007

Dark Horse Announces Joss Whedon at Comic-Con Booth Saturday. Joss, George Jeanty and Andy Owens (who also worked on "Fray") will be appearing at the booth Saturday, July 28th. Joss' appearance is a ticketed event, however.

July 09 2007

This year's Comic-Con has a lot for Whedon Fans. The biggest day will be Saturday the 28th with the Dark Horse panel on Joss, but that will be up against the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" with Summer Glau. More...

July 06 2007

Buffy forum site announces "One More With Feeling" showing at Comic-Con. Whedonopolis announces there will be a showing of "Once More With Feeling" during Comic-Con in San Diego on July 28th, about the same time as the annual Masquerade. There will also be a showing of an extra Buffy episode.

June 29 2007

Buffy and Firefly on TV Guide's new Best Cult Series List. Three years ago, TV Guide had a list of the top 25 best cult shows ever. This year, it's expanded to 30 shows, with two of Joss' shows on the list. More...

April 11 2007

AICN Comics' review of Runaways #25. Scroll down the page a bit to learn what AICN comic specialist Humphrey Lee thinks of Whedon's debut on Runaways.

March 30 2007

Sheldon calls for Joss to save the day! Popular webcomic Sheldon recognizes Joss as the only person who is capable to fix Star Wars' plot holes! More...

October 31 2006

Update: The Multimedia Project meets its goal before it closes. The goal was to finish out the request of the remaining libraries before November 1st and the verse, as usual, stepped up to the task. Just a few days ago webragous announced that the site had met and surpassed its goal. The remaining funds will go to the LA Food Bank. More...

October 23 2006

James Gunn compares the families of Slither and Serenity. Promoting Slither on DVD More...

July 31 2006

(SPOILER) SyFy Portal story on character deaths. Article on the effects of killing off main characters to advance the story. References Joss's views on the subject. Spoilers for BSG season 3.
Lesbian Hopes in Wonder Woman. On, there is an article on lesbian subtext in action movies and the hopes in Joss Whedon to introduce the first lesbian encounter on screen in which nobody dies. Scroll to page 2, last paragraph.

July 13 2006

Doug Jones, Scott Schwartz, and Jeph Loeb bring a bit of Buffy to Chicago. The weekend of August 3-6, 2006. Jeph is the special guest of honor and he will be holding an auction to raise money for Sam's fund while there. Also Kristin Bell has just been add to the line up at the event. More...

July 07 2006

David Boreanaz will be at Comic-Con on July 21st. He'll be at Room 20 at 3pm (after the Battlestar Galactica panel). He and the executive producer of "Bones" will talk about what will happen when the second season starts in August.

June 06 2006

TV Guide Podcast: Episode 52. Going completely off the listed podcast topics, Cohn, McDonagh, and Manu launch into several minutes of Whedon worship. More...

April 18 2006

The Signal #7 now available. This time, the show wraps up "Adventures in Serenity", reviews "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", compares the movie DVD versions around the world, and discusses the "Into the Black" fan project.

April 06 2006

The latest edition of "The Signal" is now available. This time, the show looks at Simon Tam, Blake's 7, and "Canonicity: The Truth of the Signal".

March 15 2006

Comic Outreach Program, helping to spread the 'verse. The Whedonverse Multimedia Project has joined forces with the International Comic Arts Association. The organization stresses reading, and the value of the comics in making it fun and exciting for children while helping to spark their imaginations and creativity.

January 20 2006

Diamond Comics Distributor's final numbers for 2005. Astonishing X-Men sales not as strong as one would expect with all the hype surrounding that title. None of the Spike or Angel comics registered nor did Serenity. More...

December 24 2005

"Firefly" DVD one of top ten surprises of 2005 by Amazon. There's no doubt that when people buy the Serenity movie, they're also heading for the Firefly DVD set, too, to get the whole story. At least Amazon is playing it smart by offering a deal for both for one special price.

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