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"People were fighting on me"
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April 28 2013

Registration now open for WhedonFest 2013. The CSTS event will take place from August 9th to the 11th in Kentucky.

May 22 2012

WhedonFest 2012 - this August in Kentucky. "Not another convention but a weekend retreat - a gathering of likeminded individuals to discuss and celebrate the creative works of Joss Whedon."

April 10 2011

Details announced for the third annual WhedonFest. "To be held August 5-7 at Barefoot Republic in Scottsville, KY. All proceeds will be donated to charities designated by the Can't the Stop the Serenity Global organization and Whedonites United."

June 04 2010

Amy Acker to appear at WhedonFest Toronto. She is scheduled to join Nicholas Brendon as a guest at WhedonFest in Toronto October 1-3.

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