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August 14 2007

The CIA is watching... Buffy! Wired explores the "anonymous" editing of Wikipedia - and notes that someone inside the Central Intelligence Agency edited a page about song lyrics in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More...

August 02 2007

Joss video interview at San Diego '07. A four-minute conversation with Joss, where he talks a little about his vision for X-Men 3, why you shouldn't use Wikipedia to look up Harry Potter characters while you're reading "Deathly Hallows", and which of the two Buffys he thought was the hotter one.

July 28 2006

Brief nod to the ubiquity of Firefly on Wikipedia. Funny Onion story with mention made of Firefly's wikipedia presence.

April 03 2006

"TeeVeePedia: The TV Encyclopedia,"'s annual April Fool's joke. A take-off on wikipedia -- look at all the hits I got when I searched for "Buffy".

May 28 2003

Buffy, according to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that includes modern and pop culture topics More...

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