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"I brought you some supper but if you'd prefer a lecture, I've a few very catchy ones prepped...sin and hellfire... one has lepers."
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June 02 2008

'Vampire People' named a Book of the Year. Allyson Beatrice's Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? takes third place in ForeWord Magazine's Book the Year Awards.

July 19 2007

Allyson Beatrice interviewed by Covers many interesting things including, of course, her book, fandom, saving shows, Whedonesque and Tim's ugly child...

July 09 2007

"Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?" is available now! The book is on sale now at Barnes & Noble and More...

July 03 2007

PopWatch contemplates the meaning of the word 'Geek.' The post talks mostly about Allyson Beatrice and her book 'Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby' but also mentions Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Tim Minear.

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