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June 17 2017

Alyson Hannigan on Buffy, and Wonder Woman trolls: 'I'm just like, 'Dude, really?!'. Alyson Hannigan aka Willow answers questions about the misogynistic pushback on Wonder Woman as well as reflecting on one episode that meant a lot to her.

June 08 2017

Why Willow is one of the most important LGBTQ TV characters of all time. Decider did a top 50 list of LGBTQ TV characters which was decided by "over 40 LGBTQ entertainment professionals - writers, directors, showrunners, actors, journalists".

March 31 2017

Alyson Hannigan, Amber Benson on the groundbreaking Willow-Tara romance. "The romance was one of the first major lesbian love stories shown on network television and became incredibly important to Buffy's fans and the LGBT audience."

June 12 2015

Entertainment Weekly on Gay Teens on TV. A slide show/short write up of gay teens in TV shows. Tara and Willow show up quite early. This piece shows up at More...

November 20 2014

Mentions Skye and (early) Willow as examples of a new tech-savvy female stereotype: "women who are smart and competent but in an entirely nonthreatening way." More...

September 05 2014

Hot Topic to sell exclusive Willow Pop Funko Figurine. Called "Wishverse Wilow" the figurine is based on Vamp Willow.

February 16 2014

First Look at Buffy and Firefly Funko POP! Figures. Buffy and Firefly get the cute vinyl treatment in these first images from ToyFair 2014. More...

August 06 2013

11 sidekicks who are indisputably better than their heroes. Our favorite witch makes an appearance.

April 09 2013

15 screen costumes you've seen somewhere before. Vamp Willow's costume was reused on Bones?!?! More...

March 06 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #5. It's the final part of the mini-series.

February 26 2013

(SPOILER) Preview of Willow #5. These are actually more panels than full pages.

February 09 2013

Sorting Les/Bi characters into Hogwarts houses. Of no real moment, but fun nonetheless, see Willow and Tara get sorted into one of the 4 Hogwarts Houses. And Willow gets to be head!

February 06 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #4. It's the second last part of the miniseries with Angel & Faith's Christos Gage joining the writing team.

January 02 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #3. Find out what happens next in Willow's quest to restore magic.

December 18 2012

(SPOILER) Willow Wonderland #3 preview from CBR. Three pages from next month's issue of the Willow miniseries.

December 13 2012

Seth Green discusses upcomng reunion with Alyson Hannigan. Short interview with Seth about his upcoming episode on How I Met Your Mother and the Christmas special of Robot Chicken. Plus, what's so tacky it's cool ornaments are hanging on Alyson's tree?

December 05 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #2. Willow's journey to restore magic continues in the second installment of Jeff Parker's tale.

November 30 2012

(SPOILER) Scott Allie discusses Willow's quest to bring magic back. Interview at Comic Book Resources.

November 29 2012

(SPOILER) Preview Pages for Willow - Wonderland #2. Willow's adventures in the strange new dimension and her quest to bring back magic continue!

November 07 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #1. Our favourite witch begins her epic quest to bring magic back to the world.

October 12 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse solicitations for January 2013. Includes Buffy Season 9 #17, Angel & Faith #18, Willow #3 and Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Volume 4.

October 11 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1. 'Buffy' season 9 spin-off 'Willow': Our favorite witch tries to bring magic back to the world!

September 07 2012

(SPOILER) First look at Buffy Season 9 #16 and Willow #2 cover art. Plus there's the usual solicitation info for these titles that are shipping in December.

August 25 2012

Top 10 Sci-Fi Redheads. SFX list their top redheads in sci-fi and fantasy , including 3 from Whedon creations.

August 24 2012

(SPOILER) How I drew Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. David Mack, cover artist for the new Willow Mini-Series, gives a step-by-step guide on drawing the Buffyverse's resident witch.

August 21 2012

25 cool behind-the-scenes photos from various TV shows. Including a shot from Firefly, and an especially cool one from Buffy. More...

August 20 2012

(SPOILER) Preview page for Willow # 1. A first look at the the Willow miniseries on Dark Horse's Facebook page.

July 27 2012

Geek, Interrupted. It's Women in Science Fiction Week at Bitch Flicks, and there's an essay about Willow's character arc and its unfinished business. More...

April 13 2012

Spike & Willow mini-series Q&A at Buffyfest. Buffyest spoke to Dark Horse editor Scott Allie just before C2E2 and got the scoop about some new projects that have now been announced at the expo. Not only is a Spike 5-issue Mini-Series launching August 22nd, but Willow's Mini has also been given a release date of November 21.

April 12 2012

(SPOILER) Details on Spike and Willow miniseries for Buffy Season 9. Description of the two comic mini-series, one starring Spike (Aug. 22nd) and the other starring Willow (Nov. 21st). Article also includes previews of the lovely covers. More details at Comic Book Resources. More...

April 02 2012

Alyson Hannigan on 'How I Met Your Mother', 'American Reunion', and 'Buffy'. Redhead talks about her hit CBS series, revisiting the American Pie cast and of course, a little "Buffy."

February 10 2012

The A.V. Club discusses fictional crushes. Three Joss characters make the list. More...

August 24 2011

A Buffy portrait by Phil Noto. He's drawn Willow, Spike and Dawn as well.

July 11 2011

Top 10 most bitchin' witches. Fun list, and the comments from readers are even better.

April 11 2011

Alyson Hannigan will be part of new American Pie sequel. "American Reunion" will be the lastest in the "American Pie" movie series, and Hannigan will be part of it along with Jason Biggs. Her character was last seen in "American Wedding".

March 24 2011

Willow's best moments. In honor of Alyson Hannigan's birthday, Jarett Wieselman at the New York Post discusses Willow's character arc and posts her most outstanding episode.

March 13 2011

Coming out of the broom closet: Willow's sexuality and empowerment. An examination of the journey from "a nerdy computer geek filled with heterosexual longing to powerful witch and lesbian".

November 23 2010

(SPOILER) Variant cover art for Spike #6. As painted by Nick Runge.

June 16 2010

When folks look back at Aly Hannigan's past performances, which role will she be best known for?

February 17 2010

Forbidden Love: five TV hook-ups that left fans fuming. Willow and Tara top the list. Spoilers for last week's Chuck.

January 01 2010

Topless Robot's list of "8 Nerds Who Will Utterly Kick Your Ass". Our favorite (mostly) redheaded witch comes in at number seven. Contains some swearing.

December 23 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of the Willow one-shot comic. It's written by Joss with interior art by Karl Moline.

November 27 2009

E! says that Tara and Willow are the best lesbians on tv ever. And well they are not wrong!

October 27 2009

Willow and Tara and doors. An interesting blog post about the use of doorways throughout the Willow Tara relation. Fascinating stuff!

September 08 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and details for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow. The Season 8 one-shot comes out in December. There's also info about the Buffy GelaSkins and the re-release of the Buffy Supernatural Defense Kit.

July 10 2009

Willow Rosenberg is one of's favorite lesbian sidekicks. Our favorite red haired witch takes the number two slot in this list of go-to girls.

June 28 2009

Willow makes the list of Out & Proud TV characters to love. Itís Gay Pride Weekend in San Francisco, and the Examiner puts Willow on their list of "TVís most noteworthy portrayals who pushed the envelope right out of the closet, but are more than a stereotype."

June 27 2009

TV's Top 10 sidekicks. A list of the 10 best TV sidekicks. Willow comes in at #5. More...

June 03 2009

Pop Culture's 10 Greatest Nerds. Willow tops Topless Robot's "10 Greatest Nerds" list. No surprise there.

June 02 2009

Total Sci-Fi's 'The 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi' list. Buffy was second, Willow took 21st place. However Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog argues that they have no place on the list.

March 24 2009

Willow as female tech heroine for Ada Lovelace day. Ada Lovelace day celebrates women in technology.
Willow Underwear?? A character in the web TV series "Anyone but Me" confesses to wearing "Willow Underwear" when she was 11. More...

January 27 2009

TV Witches: Sort Of Like That Grunge Look. Television Without Pity lists Willow as one of the Top Five TV witches.

November 30 2008

13 Dangerously Sexy Bloodsuckers. On this list of sexy vampires Vampire Willow makes number 9, Spike takes number 3. More...

September 09 2008

Best TV characters of all time. Zoe Washburne and Willow Rosenberg are the two Jossverse characters that feature in's rundown. Though Whedon alum in other guises do appear on the list as well.

July 30 2008

More 'Tooned Up' Buffy statues. Three new statues by Electric Tiki are available for pre-ordering: 'End of Days' Buffy, Glory and Dark Willow. More...

June 13 2008

Revenge of the Nerdette. There's a brief Buffy mention in the fourth paragraph. More...

May 09 2008

Tooned Up Willow released. Sideshow releases Tooned Up Willow for preorder. Looks like her famous season 5 pose from the scene where she attacks Glory in Episode 19, "Tough Love". More...

March 03 2008

Wired Magazine's best sidekicks. Willow Rosenberg makes the list along with Spock, Chewbacca and Sam Gamgee.

December 04 2007

Lesbian kisses. A Guardian blog entry criticising TV shows for using lesbian relationships as "sensation seeking" but with one notable exception.

September 12 2007

Pink Raygun counts down the top 100 Femmes of Genre Film and Television. The Buffster, Willow, and the women of Firefly all make the list, with the highest honors (amongst the Whedonverse) going to the women of Firefly. More...

July 12 2007

MWCToys reviews Buffy Deluxe Action Figures, series 3. Chosen Willow, White Witch Willow, Kendra and Kennedy in super-articulated 6" figure form. Michael Crawford's reviews are always detailed and well illustrated with quality photographs. More...

July 10 2007

AfterEllen Includes Willow in its "Coolest Female Geeks" List. She's wedged between Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Gillian Anderson (X-Files).

April 05 2007

(SPOILER) The Making of Buffy Season 8 #3. On Dark Horse's website, there is a Making Of for #3. Script, Pencils, Inks, Coloring, Lettering, and HEY! 6 pages of #3 out already! Flash Required (if it doesn't appear, right click on the image and then click play). More...

March 01 2007

Is Willow the female Spiderman?, why Tara matters, and other things. A new blog called Pop Culture Heroines has entries on Willow, Tara and Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 as well as other female orientated pop culture stuff.

February 26 2007

13 Sidekicks Who Are Cooler Than Their Heroes. Willow was listed as #4 of sidekicks who outshine the protagonist.

January 30 2007

USA Today: Willow and Tara -TVs first lead lesbian couple. USA Today recognises Willow and Tara (see the chart on the left side) as being TVs probable first lead lesbian couple in this article about the effects of coming out on gay celebrities.

January 15 2007

'How I Met Your Mother' is not a traditional sitcom. "It's definitely ... a lot easier than a one-hour [show], but it's a lot harder than a traditional sitcom," says Alyson Hannigan. Article refers to the show as a "single-camera" comedy hybrid and talks about the new breed of comedies being offered, focusing on Aly's show in particular.

January 13 2007

(SPOILER) Witchy, witchy wallpapers. The Buffy Zone has a very witchy wallpaper available for download--posibly taken from the #3 cover. I have a new appreciation for Jo Chen now. Also available are wallpapers of the #1-2 covers. Spoilers if you consider covers to be such. More...

December 22 2006

"Why is it heroic or not insulting when an unambiguously straight character is suddenly "outed"?" someone asks Matt Roush, wondering why people are offended by the "de-gaying" of Zach on Heroes but not the by Willow's sudden transition into homosexuality on Buffy.

September 21 2006

CBS is holding Karaoke contests for a walk on role on Aly's show. CBS announced the launch of a nationwide karaoke contest tied to the hit comedy. During Sept., they are holding the contests in 9 major markets across the U.S. The winner of the final contest in LA will receive a walk-on role. More...
Willow got her own song by Thies Mynther and Dirk von Lowtzow - two German Musicians working together as Phantom Ghost. More...

September 19 2006

The final showdown - Willow Rosenberg vs. Hermione Granger. It's the ultimate fandom smackdown as the Whedonistas take on the Rowlingettes to see which of their favourite witches will become's Class President. Who will win? It's like a really bad crossover fanfic come true.

August 16 2006

Funny Little Willow Joke at the Main PT Anderson Fan Site. On the August 10th entry, the site links to a production report from PT Anderson's new film "There Will Be Blood". The article mentions filming near the corner of Orange and Willow, so the site admin posted a pic of Ms. Rosenberg with the comment "I love Orange Willow." More...
Vote Willow Rosenberg for Class President. She faces Bill and Ted in the first round of's latest 'versus' feature. And there's campaign videos as well, it's all quintessential American high school material. More...

July 14 2006

Entertainment Weekly says Willow is the 17th greatest sidekick of all time.

July 10 2006

Being Gay, the final frontier of Sci-fi. Willow/BTVS mentioned in the article.

May 14 2006

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-fi. Buffy comes it at number 2, just behind Ellen Ripley. More...

April 05 2006

She hates to always bring up Buffy, but... More...

March 15 2006

Some Highlights from 'How I Met Your Mother' at Paley fest. The Museum of TV & Radio's annual William S. Paley TV Festival hosted the cast and creators of CBS's sitcom How I Met Your Mother last night in Hollywood.

March 06 2006

"How I Met Your Mother" gets second season. CBS has already decided to give the Alyson Hannigan sitcom a second season. The cast is sure to celebrate when it's featured at the Paley Television Festival March 13th in Los Angeles. More...

February 11 2006

The Lesbian Teen Formula. Or why even after nearly three years since it ended, Buffy is still the best example of a well developed post-coming out story on television.

February 06 2006

Don't wait for Willow. Alyson Hannigan suggests that a TV movie based around Willow would be a long time in coming. More...

January 19 2006

"How I Met Your Mother" part of Paley Festival. Alyson Hannigan's sitcom will be part of the 23rd Annual Paley Festival March 13th. It will be at the DGA Complex on 7920 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Tickets are only available to MTR members starting Jan. 26, but the general public can buy tickets starting February 2nd. More...

January 04 2006

Fanfiction Comes Out of the Closet. Fascinating article over at about fans, slash fiction and TV shows. There's several Buffy mentions including an interesting discussion about Willow/Tara femslash.

November 21 2005

TV gal enjoys the cast reunions on different shows and wants to see more. She mentions Alyson and Charisma pairing again on Veronica Mars, and how she would like to see Juliet Landau show up on Smallville. More...

November 19 2005

The Five: Most accurate TV geeks. Willow comes in at #2 among the most accurate geeks on TV.

October 01 2005

AICN-Downunder: Joss Whedon info [about Buffyverse TV movies!]. Quint from AICN reports on a rumor about there being the possibility of more than one Buffyverse TV movie. WW and Charisma Carpenter are also mentioned. More...

November 30 2004

"Gwen Stefani is playing the Veronica/Cordelia Chase role..." Fluxblog's Matthew Perpetua reviews Gwen Stefani's new album 'Love Angel Music Baby' in whedonesque terms and says: "It's pretty clear that Gwen is a Willow/Betty type in Cordy/Veronica drag." More...

October 16 2003

New Willow Action Figures Announced By Diamond Select Toys. "The first four figures to be released will be Willow, Transformation Willow [presumably as seen in 'Chosen'], Dark Witch Willow, and Vampire Willow from the fan-favorite episode 'The Wish.'" More...

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