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"I don't have to watch you Miss Frost. I can smell you."
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April 11 2012

The Avengers World Premiere - Watch the Live-Stream. Lost your ticket to tonight's world premiere of The Avengers? Don't worry, is live-streaming the events so you can watch the red carpet. It begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.

August 22 2005

Serenity board thread on premiere takes shape. One moderately detailed report is posted -- no spoilers. But be careful on Universal Serenity board. Spoiler could pop up at any moment. (Reg. Req'd)
Joss slays them with his film debut. "To be premiering here is exactly where I want to be," Whedon said. "Not just because I love it here, but because we do have fans who wouldn't expect to be the first people to see this. There's a lot of people in LA going, 'What?'"

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