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August 26 2006

Jane Espenson blogs from WorldCon in Anaheim, CA about the Hugos, and spec scripts, including a Steve De Knight script for the Buffy/Angel 'verse.She touches on her upcoming Whedon-related & other panels, spec scripts, Steve De Knight, other cool spec scripts, and, of course, her lunch. More...

August 19 2006

The complete Jossverse Worldcon schedule. Off to Anaheim next week? Want to see what's relevant for you? Well here's the schedule (many thanks to deannaB for compiling it).

August 15 2006

Tim Minear scheduled to appear at WorldCon 2006. He'll participating in three panels. One of which is "Crafting the Whedon-verse" which also has Marti Noxon, Loni Peristere and Jane Espenson on it. How cool would it be to go to that?

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