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September 11 2015

Drew Goddard scripted 'The Martian' launches to acclaim at TIFF. Goddard adapted Andy Weir's bestselling novel for the screen, preserving and translating it's sass and science-speak. Ridley Scott directs. More...

November 29 2012

"Make sure your desk faces the right way." Joss Whedon on overcoming writer's block. More...

August 19 2011

Steven Moffat starts watching Firefly. On a train. The current lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, @steven_moffat also made Coupling and co-created Sherlock - the much praised BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. He tweets: More...

May 24 2010

Howard Gordon talks about the finale for '24', with Fresh Air. The former Bufffy/Angel writer and producer talks about the end of the series, he has help write and produced for 9 years and the impact it has had.

August 20 2009

Jane Espenson's series Andy Barker, P.I. comes out on DVD, Nov. 17th. The DVD will include the featurette : Writers Class 101 - A look at what it takes to write a series like Andy Barker with the creator and writers, including Jane.
Drew Z. Greenberg series Warehouse 13 is renewed on SyFy for a 2nd season. The former Buffy and Firefly scribe is one of the series writers and producers. Jane E. is still also credited as one of the creators.

January 22 2009

David Fury - "Well, it IS all about me". Buffyfest interviews our Mustard Man. Buffyfest asks David Fury questions and he answers with David Fury-like stuff. Hilarious.

March 21 2007

(SPOILER) Mere Smith Wrote Penultimate Episode of Rome: Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus. You may be able to find the episode in repeats if you didn't catch it this last Sunday night on HBO (which was March 18th). More...

October 04 2006

An Open Smile on a Friendly Shore - Jane Espenson blogs about dividing the writing of single TV episodes among writing staff. In her ongoing on-line screenwriting seminar, using Buffy and other examples, Jane explains several ways that one episode's writing chores can be split among multiple TV writers. More...

July 13 2006

Doug Jones, Scott Schwartz, and Jeph Loeb bring a bit of Buffy to Chicago. The weekend of August 3-6, 2006. Jeph is the special guest of honor and he will be holding an auction to raise money for Sam's fund while there. Also Kristin Bell has just been add to the line up at the event. More...

July 10 2006

Jane Espenson reports that Joss had a pink mesh backpack, which she found adorable. This is from Jane's ongoing online seminars about screenwriting, and it's used to explain the power of analogies in stage directions and dialogue. More...

April 21 2006

Steve DeKnight and Kevin Sorbo come aboard for Marsters and Friends. On the Queen Mary Sept 8-10 in Long Beach, CA.

March 02 2004

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson penned tonight's "Gilmore Girls" Want to see what Jane's been up to lately? [Contains spoilers for "Gilmore Girls"] More...

May 21 2003

Official: Drew Goddard will join the Angel writing team for season 5 according to his fansite, the Minions of Ultimate Drew.

July 27 2002

(SPOILER) Firefly writer Jose Molina talks to Herc at AICN and gives him (in his own words) "crappy, abstract answers". Like episode titles and writer credits: More...

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