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January 26 2008

Mad Men Writers Back in Business. Lionsgate and the WGA have reached an interim deal which allows the writers for AMC's "Mad Men" and Showtime's "Weeds" to go back to work. More...

January 16 2008

Why We Write essay by Jane Espenson. Buffy alum, JE adds her essay to this web blog highlighting striking writers. She also gets commented on by fellow Battlestar Galactica writer Mark Verheiden over at his blog. More...

November 09 2007 is up and running. It started at Whedonesque but it's getting bigger fast. It's the "fans supporting writers" initiative that's already fed pizza and snacks to striking writers, and thanks to a group of Whedonesquers who apparently never sleep, the website is ready to go with strike information, links, places to donate for food runs, and much more.

November 08 2007

Joss is picketing as a TV writer and a screenwriter. No wonder Joss is feeling poorly. He's striking for two. He's also on this list of screenwriters who followed the showrunners' example and publicly announced they weren't writing a word till the strike is resolved. Looks like summer of 2009 is going to be awful boring...

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