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June 12 2008

"I'm Joss Whedon and I'm here just to support the actors". Joss speaks to Brave New Media about the SAG negotiations and whether he was satisfied with the results of the writers' strike.

February 06 2008

Scott Williams (writer/producer of Bones) talks Writers' Strike and maintaining focus on DB. The WGA strike, David in Bones, the "Moonlighting curse," and more!

January 01 2008

Joss' Quiet Riot. More on the WGA strike from Dreamwatch Magazine. Joss and Summer Glau are interviewed, and there is mention of the organizers of fans4writers and the good works they do.

December 31 2007

Part Two of Mutant Enemy Day Q & A in iF Magazine. Wherein we learn more about what some of our favorite Whedonverse folks and friends think about the strike, Joss and the meaning of life (okay, maybe not that last one ;-).

December 24 2007

Mutant Enemy Day Interviews in iF Magazine. Part 1 of 4 (I think) in iF Magazine's coverage of the ME Day picket. Nifty format of Q-and-A with As from lots of our favorite people and some of our friends!

November 19 2007

Battlestar Galactica wraps production. Ron D. Moore blogs about wrapping production of Battlestar Galactica (Jane Espenson is a co-producer) after 13 episodes of Season 4 and about the chances of the season being finished ... More...

November 12 2007

Muhney meets Whedon on the picket line. More...

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