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December 08 2015

Five iconic works of genius made to prove a petty point. You may be somewhat familiar with #3. More...

June 25 2015

Joss Whedon's 7 best quotes about writing and life. Words of wisdom from Joss.

July 23 2014

5 nackte Fakten uber... Joss Whedon. On German website

April 15 2013

Writing Excuses discuss pacing in The Avengers. Brandon and co. over at Writing Excuses - a weekly 15-minute writing podcast - talk about pacing in stories, citing multiple examples from The Avengers. More...

December 06 2012

Danny Strong on Going from Acting to Writing. Short but interesting interview on how Danny Strong first started writing scripts.

November 29 2012

"Make sure your desk faces the right way." Joss Whedon on overcoming writer's block. More...

July 17 2012

Work on Wastelanders officially begins! As tweeted by Warren Ellis: "Day One of WASTELANDERS hit-story-with-hammers session over with." More...

June 22 2012

Amy Berg discusses how she got into TV writing after a chance meeting with Joss Whedon. The secret of her success? Sending him a one-act play about her fantasy of meeting Joss Whedon. Also, she sent wooden stakes. (She definitely doesn't recommend that for future writers.) More...

June 18 2012

Damon Lindelof talks writing Prometheus, fan fiction and attempting a Buffy spec script. Says he got 20 pages into a terrible "Giles origin story" -- calling it hubris. More...

July 27 2011

Firefly as a good example of mixing genres. A writer references Firefly as an example of mixing genres done right, while also showing that mixing genres makes things harder to promote to audiences.

May 28 2011

Doug Petrie in The Nerdist Writers Series on May 29th. Doug Petrie, Josh Friedman, Michael Green, and Alexa Junge discuss TV writing, moderated by Ben Blacker of "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" (under the auspices of The Nerdist Chris Hardwick, Joss Whedon's former neighbor). More...

February 24 2011

Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg & David Fury taking part in adult writing panels. These panels are taking place Sundays in March in Los Angeles. The moderator is Ben Blacker, of The Thrilling Adventure Hour fame (among others). David Fury is on 3/13, and Jane and Drew on 3/27. Tickets are $12.00. More...

August 15 2010

Jane Espenson makes a guest appearance at Scriptchat. She answered people's questions about script writing for an hour as part of an ongoing series of monthly conversations on Twitter. Transcript at the link, or you can search #scriptchat on Twitter.

July 31 2009

John August cites Joss Whedon, regarding quotations from books. The screenwriter for Go, Titan AE, Big Fish and more brings up Big Purple when asked on his blog about the rules for having a character reference preexisting text. More...

April 13 2009

(SPOILER) Death Becomes Them: The Role of Character Deaths in Television. Televisionary talks to Jane Espenson about how dying is depicted in TV shows, and how some characters' deaths are "earned." Recent developments in "House" and "Desperate Housewives" are mentioned - so avoid if you're a fan, spoiler-averse, and behind on those shows . . .

June 26 2008

Buffy in one word. John Rogers - a good writer who's worked on some bad movies - gives his one-word summary of Buffy's theme. It might be the opposite of yours. More...

August 06 2006

"Give them what they need, not what they want". SMRT-TV column includes Buffy/Angel in column discussing how much much more interesting it is when TV relationships go badly than when they end happily ever after. More...

February 26 2006

Writing superhero tales for comic books. Article talks about "Well-known authors are getting the break they've dreamed of:" and how this new turn in comics that is luring new readers into comic book stores. Joss naturally is mentioned a few times, "... and anything Joss Whedon does sells."

November 12 2002

The writing process: Mutant Enemy writer Jane Espenson explains how breaking, developing and writing a story works in the Jossverse. (Careful, it's spoilery for tonight's episode of Buffy - S7x07) More...

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