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October 22 2006

Yahoo and share Joss Whedon with future generations. Yahoo is creating a digital Time Capsule for 2006 and they are asking for people to contribute what matters to them. What a unique way to continue the signal, by sharing some of what Whedon has meant to us. The Capsule will close on Nov 8th and then be sent to the Smithsonian Institute until 2020. More...

December 22 2005

Another Trailer for Alyson Hannigan's Date Movie at Yahoo Movies. You can check out the hilarious trailer in both quicktime and windows media player. This is what I would expect from two of the writers of Scary Movie.

October 02 2005

Serenity and Summer Glau in Yahoo! Movies' top searches. "The charts below measure searches and clicks across Yahoo! Movies to determine popularity."

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