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"He has a disease, if you recall.. an inexplicably adverse reaction to being shot at."
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12/10/2015 21:35 CET   35067. Deconstructing Age of Ultron: Good and Bad Language. 
10/10/2015 13:08 CET   35055. Brad Kane (a.k.a. Tucker) and Lea Salonga reunite to sing "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin. 
06/10/2015 22:17 CET   35037. Tom Hiddleston reveals why Loki was cut from Avengers: Age of Ultron. 
05/10/2015 19:16 CET   35032. The 13 best villain songs of all time. 
03/10/2015 12:59 CET   35032. The 13 best villain songs of all time. 
30/09/2015 21:00 CET   35014. 'I'd love for Joss Whedon to direct 'Into The Woods'' says Tony Head. 
22/09/2015 23:29 CET   34975. Marti Noxon reveals that she was approached to do a Buffy movie several years ago. 
18/09/2015 20:11 CET   34967. The new issue of Empire Magazine has Sam Mendes interviewing Joss Whedon. 
14/09/2015 19:16 CET   34952. Drew Goddard on the chances of a sequel to 'The Cabin in the Woods'. 
24/08/2015 21:17 CET   34881. Felicia Day is a New York Times Best Selling Author. 
21/08/2015 18:44 CET   34875. Adrianne Palicki, Nick Blood to star in Marvel pilot for ABC. 
28/07/2015 13:09 CET   34812. Firefly's costume designer Shawna Trpcic - origin story. 
24/07/2015 19:26 CET   34804. Trailer for the Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-ray. 
24/07/2015 19:25 CET   34805. The 13 best Buffy monsters-of-the-week. 
21/07/2015 19:03 CET   34796. Malcolm Reynolds is one of Empire's '100 Greatest Movie Characters'. 
29/06/2015 22:45 CET   34737. If Buffy the Vampire Slayer was British.  
26/06/2015 23:50 CET   34727. "Agents of SHIELD" confirms theme for Season 3.  
17/06/2015 11:02 CET   34697. Can you identify the Buffy The Vampire Slayer character by these emojis? 
26/05/2015 23:29 CET   34644. Triple hammer time: 'Age of Ultron' and screenwriting structure. 
22/05/2015 23:31 CET   34636. The Cabin in the Woods gets kudos for its practical SFX.  

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