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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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Was hooked ever since I heard that rockin' theme song one afternoon when it first aired on the BBC. Grew up with the series and a hardcore fanatic. Haven't had access to Angel since I moved back to Asia, had an oppurtunity to watch Buffy in KOREAN. How weird was that. Now residing in Hong Kong teaching drama.

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27/08/2005 01:08 CET   7671. Two new 'Serenity' reviews from Edinburgh. 
26/08/2005 05:39 CET   7671. Two new 'Serenity' reviews from Edinburgh. 
26/08/2005 05:32 CET   7673. New excerpt from the Serenity novelization. 
22/08/2004 07:14 CET   4729. Buffy and The Tick two of best shows ever, 'Lost' writer says 
21/08/2004 08:49 CET   4715. Happy birthday to James Marsters. 
17/08/2004 20:12 CET   4686. Buffy Summers "Preview Test Shot" PALz figure. 
03/07/2004 01:55 CET   4339. What Firefly character are you? 
03/06/2004 02:47 CET   4137. Buffyology: The science of vampire slayers, slang and pop culture. 
03/06/2004 02:43 CET   4138. Haunt's Write-Up on the Academic Conference. 
30/03/2004 19:34 CET   3451. Gellar wanted to kick ass in Kill Bill. 
28/03/2004 23:00 CET   3420. Gina Torres says all original cast members will be in 'Serenity'. 
15/03/2004 21:34 CET   3289. How Ubiquitous Is Our Fave Slayer? 
10/03/2004 22:14 CET   3234. Learn Who The Antepenultimate ANGEL Revolves Around!! 
25/02/2004 22:36 CET   3081. The Wolfram and Hart revue report part two. 
16/02/2004 22:02 CET   2957. A true Whedonesque convention in Cleveland .... 
11/02/2004 08:07 CET   2919. Heeeee, some more... 
10/02/2004 20:49 CET   2917. Heeeeeeee! (.jpg) 
25/07/2003 14:00 CET   1783. " Cowboy Bebop." 
25/07/2003 13:56 CET   1785. Photos (Tiny Thumbnails) from the 'American Wedding' World Premiere Last Night. 
25/07/2003 13:52 CET   1784. All you ever wanted to know about the Buffy series DVDs 

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