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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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Garrett Griffin
Orlando, Florida

Huge Whedon fan for about 5 years now. My introduction began with Firefly, and then extended to Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible, and the rest of the Whedon universe. Topher is my favorite character, with Kaylee a close second, though Buffy is overall my favorite series.

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15/08/2012 04:01 CET   29456. 'The Avengers' tagline stirs up controversy in Japan. 
16/05/2012 00:26 CET   28875. Joss talks about parallels between The Avengers, Buffy, and Astonishing X-Men. 
08/05/2012 01:40 CET   28783. Watch the end title sequence from The Avengers. 
16/04/2012 05:06 CET   28504. Drew Goddard speaks freely about 'The Cabin in the Woods'. 
13/04/2012 02:35 CET   28469. The Cabin in the Woods may be a career-maker for Fran Kranz. 
11/04/2012 22:17 CET   28443. EW suggests Whedon as Catching Fire replacement. 
11/04/2012 19:40 CET   28443. EW suggests Whedon as Catching Fire replacement. 
06/04/2012 19:07 CET   28395. Help Buffy slay Kristen Stewart in The Ultimate Fan Battle - The Final Four. 
03/04/2012 06:42 CET   28360. Neil Patrick Harris to revisit Tony Awards.  
31/03/2012 22:22 CET   28345. Firefly: The Arcade Game. 
06/02/2012 11:08 CET   27989. Sign up for Whedonesque is open for the next 24 hours. 

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