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"It's about power and it's about women and you just hate those two words in the same sentence, don't you?"
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Chris Oz
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04/11/2015 00:29 CET   35148. The name's Bond, Sarah Michelle Bond. 
06/07/2015 19:15 CET   34747. What video game should Rocksteady Studios make next? 
09/03/2015 13:57 CET   34254. Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses why there won't be a Buffy reunion movie. 
18/12/2014 06:29 CET   34001. In Your Eyes now streaming on Netflix. 
28/10/2014 04:28 CET   33796. Felicia Day and her brother play 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds' 
31/08/2014 04:39 CET   33533. The Buffy HD Remaster criticized.  
21/08/2014 02:52 CET   33488. Buffy in HD on Pivot, starting August 26th.  
18/12/2013 00:17 CET   32368. Funko announces Buffy Pop Figures and Re-Action Figures. 
18/12/2013 00:14 CET   32368. Funko announces Buffy Pop Figures and Re-Action Figures. 
28/11/2013 18:20 CET   32279. Ranking the TV episodes that have paved the way for Glee's 'Puppet Master'. 
21/07/2013 10:32 CET   31480. Take Me To The Pilots '13: ABC's 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' . 
30/05/2013 17:00 CET   31106. See Mark Ruffalo in "Now You See Me." 
13/05/2013 03:37 CET   30977. The full S.H.I.E.L.D. first look TV spot is released. 
26/03/2013 15:22 CET   30674. David Boreanaz comments on whether he'd consider a fan-financed Angel film. 
11/03/2013 10:45 CET   30582. Sarah Michelle Gellar with a Buffy cake. 
14/01/2013 13:55 CET   30275. Buffy/ Twilight Mash-up is legal! 
15/08/2012 21:21 CET   29456. 'The Avengers' tagline stirs up controversy in Japan. 
02/08/2012 00:03 CET   29388. Avengers ranked fourth In "Ten Greatest Superhero Movies of All Time". 
13/07/2012 02:17 CET   29259. Recasting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
01/07/2012 21:03 CET   29190. 20-year Buffy panel at SDCC includes Kristy Swanson. 

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