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"I know you've heard colorful rumors about what an Active is. Robots, zombie slaves. They are, of course, quite the opposite. The Active is the truest soul among us."
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06/08/2013 21:32 CET   31591. "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" director talks about a Firefly reference in the movie 
21/07/2013 01:19 CET   31483. Video for the Nerd HQ Conversation with Joss Whedon. 
07/06/2013 15:39 CET   31192. Even more reviews for Much Ado About Nothing. 
05/06/2013 20:00 CET   31165. Hero Complex talks to Joss and Clark Gregg. 
04/06/2013 09:44 CET   31144. Nathan Fillion comments on the umpteenth "will we see more Firefly?" question. 
03/06/2013 18:55 CET   31136. Videos from the Firefly panel at Wizard World Philadelphia. 
03/05/2013 20:26 CET   30923. Netflix's Ted Sarandos on whether he'd revive Buffy and Firefly. 
30/04/2013 23:56 CET   30900. New BriTANick sketch featuring Nathan Fillion. 
12/04/2013 17:57 CET   30786. Jed Whedon posts an old family photo on Instagram. 
27/03/2013 17:08 CET   30681. Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion! 
15/03/2013 19:33 CET   30615. Nathan Fillion joins voice cast for a World War Z extended audio book. 
13/01/2013 20:52 CET   30276. That Joss Whedon's got some moves! 
08/12/2012 00:29 CET   30102. Gina Torres set to guest-star on Castle, reunite with Nathan Fillion. 
04/12/2012 12:45 CET   30077. David Boreanaz's Bones celebrates 150 episodes tonight. 
05/11/2012 22:56 CET   29942. 'The Thrilling Adventure Hour': L.A.'s geekiest cult theater experience. 
05/11/2012 20:52 CET   29942. 'The Thrilling Adventure Hour': L.A.'s geekiest cult theater experience. 
29/10/2012 14:50 CET   29901. Happy Birthday, Tim Minear! 
16/10/2012 18:52 CET   29825. Watch some of Saturday's NYCC Firefly panel.  
13/10/2012 23:40 CET   29818. Watch the Firefly panel live at New York Comic Con. 
25/09/2012 23:17 CET   29728. Who is your favorite ABC star? 

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