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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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23/09/2014 05:27 CET   33626. Jeff Bell talks criticism and why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. deserves a second chance. 
10/07/2014 21:58 CET   33305. Buffy Season 10 #5 preview. 
10/07/2014 05:26 CET   33301. A review of James Marsters' 'Spike: Into The Light' graphic novel. 
28/05/2014 02:46 CET   33132. James Marsters to star in L.A. Theatre Works' 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. 
20/07/2013 05:23 CET   31477. Newsrama's liveblog of Joss's Dark Horse panel at SDCC. 
19/02/2013 21:52 CET   30468. David Boreanaz will be at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con in June. 
17/01/2013 23:50 CET   30301. The Trio, together again! 
01/11/2012 05:54 CET   29917. Comic Book Resources interview with Jane Espenson & Brad Bell. 
31/10/2012 20:08 CET   29914. Jeremy Renner hosting Saturday Night Live. 
07/06/2012 20:47 CET   29018. MTV Geek talks to Scott Allie about the state of the Buffyverse. 
21/05/2012 14:29 CET   28911. Andrew Garfield talks about The Avengers. 
28/04/2012 17:27 CET   28639. Joss Whedon to appear on CBS News Sunday Morning, April 29. 
28/04/2012 17:25 CET   28646. Joss Whedon - The Guardian Q & A. 

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