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"I'm going gay. I've decided I'm turning gay. Willow, gay me up. Come on, let's gay."
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16/03/2014 20:03 CET   32754. Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter. 
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20/12/2012 00:01 CET   30152. Discuss Angel & Faith #17. 
08/10/2012 22:25 CET   29783. Emily Blunt, Ruth Wilson reportedly linked with Avengers 2 role. 
08/09/2012 18:16 CET   29600. Cover art for Angel & Faith #17 and Spike #5.  
05/09/2012 10:37 CET   29578. Jeff Parker interview about Willow miniseries. 
01/09/2012 18:53 CET   29554. Clone Wars writer Scott Murphy talks about working on Angel. 
31/08/2012 23:39 CET   29554. Clone Wars writer Scott Murphy talks about working on Angel. 
17/08/2012 14:31 CET   29472. Enver Gjokaj is going to be in Season 7 of Dexter. See him in the new trailer! 
12/08/2012 19:39 CET   29440. Avengers: The Down Side Of Up. 
12/05/2012 14:01 CET   28797. The Purple. 

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