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"But I don't understand! I don't understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean, I knew her, and then she's... there's just a body, and I don't understand why she just can't get back in it and not be dead anymore. It's stupid. It's mortal and stupid. And, and Xander's crying and not talking, and, and I was having fruit punch, and I thought, well, Joyce will never have any more fruit punch ever, and she'll never have eggs, or yawn or brush her hair, not ever, and no one will explain to me why."

Xander: "Who's a little fear demon? Come on! Whoís a little fear demon!"
Giles: "Donít taunt the fear demon."
Xander: "Why, can he hurt me?"
Giles: "No, itís just - tacky."

"Whatís this? Sitting around watching the telly while thereís evil still a foot. Thatís not very industrious of you. I say we go out there and kick a little demon ass! What, canít go without your Buffy, is that it? Too chicken? Letís find her! She is the Chosen One after all.... Come on! Vampires! Grrr! Nasty! Letís annihilate them. For justice.. and for.. the safety of puppies... and Christmas, right? Letís *fight* that evil! -- Letís *kill* something! Oh, come on!"

"You have fruit punch mouth."

"You are a lousy clown! Your balloon animals are pathetic!"

"Plus these babies are high in fiber. And what's the fun in becoming an immortal demon if you're not regular, am I right?"

"I wish I could make the world a better place for you to wake up in."

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less traveled by and they CANCELLED MY FRIKKIN' SHOW. I totally shoulda took the road that had all those people on it. Damn."

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