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"I hope she does the soup thing. It's always a hoot, and we don't all die from it."
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Michael Stellfox
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15/10/2015 11:09 CET   35083. Alan Tudyk talks about the cameo-filled fun of Con Man, joining Star Wars universe. 
27/08/2015 20:58 CET   34895. Firefly's first episode: The Hollywood Reporter's 2002 review. 
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01/05/2015 06:46 CET   34529. Discuss Avengers: Age of Ultron (part 2).  
30/04/2015 07:48 CET   34525. Age of Ultron: The most thoughtful film Marvel's ever made. 
29/04/2015 11:40 CET   34519. Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. 
26/04/2015 15:48 CET   34490. Twenty-two questions about Age of Ultron answered. 
23/04/2015 13:08 CET   34479. Discuss Avengers: Age of Ultron. 
12/04/2015 09:19 CET   34410. Joss Whedon on why he's not directing Avengers: Infinity Wars. 
03/04/2015 06:29 CET   34366. Loyalties are divided in new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. art. 
24/03/2015 10:42 CET   34331. Russo Brothers reportedly to direct Avengers: Infinity War films. 
19/03/2015 16:31 CET   34312. New 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' extended tv spot. 
11/03/2015 20:43 CET   34284. SMG lets her inner princess out. 
04/03/2015 15:42 CET   34248. AMC announces mega-sized Marvel movie marathon. 
23/02/2015 19:37 CET   34203. James Gunn on the bias against superhero films.  
12/02/2015 07:51 CET   34165. 10 villains who were supposed to come back... and never did. 
27/01/2015 09:27 CET   34122. Joss Whedon 'very doubtful' for Avengers sequel Infinity War. 
11/01/2015 16:19 CET   34066. The Agents of SHIELD cast say goodbye to an actor and his character.  
10/01/2015 08:21 CET   34063. Who's your favourite character from Firefly or Serenity? 
19/12/2014 15:28 CET   34006. Clark Gregg possibly teasing Avenger appearance on Agents of SHIELD? 

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