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Steven Whaley
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I spend way too much time on this regrets.

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20/08/2014 17:16 CET   33497. Hitfix's Uncanceled Showdown 2014 - Quarter Finals. 
16/08/2014 04:30 CET   33484. 'Firefly' featured among's uncanceled shows poll. 
01/08/2014 07:25 CET   33430. io9 has a shiny chapter from the new Joss Whedon biography. 
31/07/2014 02:41 CET   33420. "The Cabin in the Woods" makes i09's list of the 13 greatest sci-fi comedies of all time.  
27/07/2014 02:28 CET   33391. Tom Hiddleston's email to Joss after reading the first Avengers script. 
24/07/2014 15:38 CET   33382. SDCC exclusive concept art for Age of Ultron. 
12/07/2014 21:50 CET   33316. Get Loki - a parody. 
14/05/2014 19:17 CET   33074. Ratings for the Agents of SHIELD season finale. 
14/04/2014 01:05 CET   32907. All in a day's work for movie stunt people. 
02/04/2014 16:46 CET   32840. Vote for the 250 greatest sci-fi and fantasy moments of all time. 
26/03/2014 17:59 CET   32801. Amy Acker to guest on Agents of SHIELD! 
25/03/2014 22:21 CET   32795. Chris Evans says he's ready to leave acting behind after fulfilling his Marvel contract. 
25/03/2014 22:00 CET   32794. Chris Lowell launches Kickstarter campaign for film featuring Brett Dalton. 
25/03/2014 17:23 CET   32793. Robert Downey Jr. on Avengers: Age of Ultron. 
07/03/2014 02:37 CET   32702. 10 things Angel did better than any other show. 
05/03/2014 01:25 CET   32693. Which vampire hunter would you trust to keep you alive? 
21/02/2014 18:18 CET   32641. Which Joss Whedon heroine are you? 
16/01/2014 18:26 CET   32477. Amy Adams and Chiwetel Ejiofor get nominated for Oscars. 
09/01/2014 16:46 CET   32440. Sarah Michelle Gellar wins People's Choice Award - gives Buffy shout out. 
17/12/2013 18:18 CET   32367. Pivot to show Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the US. 

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