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G Thing
Gregory John Horvath


I am a huge fan, who likes to analyze everything.

(whimpers and tears) When I heard that Angel was cancelled, I was having fruit punch, and I thought well Spike and Angel and those other vampires will NEVER HAVE anymore fruit punch that looks like blood EVER!!! Its stupid. Its mortal and stupid, and no one will explain to me WHY!?!?!? (turns evil and all-powerful and causes computer equipment to overload)

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05/03/2004 14:32 CET   3177. reviews "Shells". 
29/02/2004 18:24 CET   3119. Whedon's original Alien Resurrection script. 
28/02/2004 21:18 CET   3104. Eliza Dushku supports fans efforts to save angel 
26/02/2004 15:09 CET   3078. Hercules has seen tonight's 5 STAR Angel!!! 
24/02/2004 10:45 CET   3053. Another review of "When Harry Met Sally" 
20/02/2004 17:51 CET   3005. Can Angel fans make a difference? 

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