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"You don't wanna hurt the Fett, 'cause man, you're *not* comin' back from that!"
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08/09/2015 16:33 CET   34932. The bloody funniest horror comedies ever made.  
04/09/2015 18:38 CET   34923. The unfinished projects of Joss Whedon. 
28/04/2015 13:52 CET   34510. Avengers: Age of Ultron predicted to break US box office records. 
27/04/2015 17:53 CET   34503. Joss Whedon's doomed struggle: "Age of Ultron" and superhero cinema’s decadent phase. 
27/04/2015 07:34 CET   34497. Joss Whedon on his possible Liam Neeson action film, Suspension. 
26/04/2015 11:49 CET   34493. Avengers: Age of Ultron makes $201.2 million at the international box office. 
26/04/2015 09:57 CET   34493. Avengers: Age of Ultron makes $201.2 million at the international box office. 
23/04/2015 16:54 CET   34484. Joss Whedon regrets resurrecting Phil Coulson. 
23/04/2015 16:52 CET   34482. "Avengers" - Regisseur Whedon: "Dafur hat Gott Roboter und Zombies erfunden". 
22/04/2015 18:30 CET   34470. Discuss Buffy Season 10 #14. 
21/04/2015 08:27 CET   34463. 'Leaked' Spider-Man post-credits Age of Ultron scene is fake says Joss Whedon. 
20/04/2015 07:51 CET   34455. Scarlett Johansson would do a 'Black Widow' movie if Joss Whedon directs it. 
18/04/2015 05:01 CET   34449. The Guardian profiles Joss Whedon. 
15/04/2015 01:33 CET   34431. Joss Whedon, Lionsgate hit with copyright lawsuit over 'The Cabin in the Woods'. 
14/04/2015 05:21 CET   34421. The five most ridiculous sex scenes in comic book history. 
13/04/2015 13:43 CET   34416. Joss talks with Vulture about the difficulty of making Age of Ultron. 
11/04/2015 09:32 CET   34410. Joss Whedon on why he's not directing Avengers: Infinity Wars. 
23/03/2015 20:29 CET   34331. Russo Brothers reportedly to direct Avengers: Infinity War films. 
20/02/2015 12:11 CET   34194. Joss Whedon talks Avengers: Age of Ultron. 
28/01/2015 07:58 CET   34126. Joss Whedon criticises comic book movie industry for "intractible sexism". 

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