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"And Iím thinking you werenít burdened with an overabundance of schooling."
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Portland, OR

Writer. Fangirl. I like a show called Buffy, its spinoff Angel, and the other show, Firefly - the little space-western that could. Missing the Jossverse like a hole in my heart.

mei mei: a River poem
I have something to tell you, Buffy
WHEN SHE WAS: Buffy's Diary

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01/04/2015 11:52 CET   34348. Coverage of J. August Richards and Amber Benson at Toronto Comicon. 
29/03/2015 02:38 CET   34347. James Marsters joins HBO pilot about Salem Witch Trials. 
29/03/2015 02:36 CET   34347. James Marsters joins HBO pilot about Salem Witch Trials. 
06/01/2015 06:20 CET   34048. Firefly's Summer Glau was shaped by sci-fi.  
19/12/2014 03:15 CET   33993. Maurissa and Jed's Latest Collaboration.  
18/12/2014 17:50 CET   34000. Gina Torres heading to "Revenge." 
28/10/2014 10:51 CET   33793. Buffy Musical Sing Along in Vancouver on November 2nd.  
25/09/2014 04:25 CET   33629. The animated adventures of Buffy. 
20/08/2014 02:10 CET   33494. Alexis Denisof's current show "Finding Carter" renewed for season 2. 
12/08/2014 19:14 CET   33467. Robin Williams dead at 63. 
06/08/2014 18:26 CET   33440. Jewel Staite is planning an Orgy in a Small Town. 
29/05/2014 11:29 CET   33131. 12 of the most game-changing TV episodes ever. 
24/05/2014 23:22 CET   33128. Report: Drew Goddard has left Daredevil. 
24/05/2014 22:42 CET   33128. Report: Drew Goddard has left Daredevil. 
23/05/2014 16:57 CET   33111. Previously.TV begins a Buffy rewatch. 
23/05/2014 16:53 CET   33108. Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof on their favourite Angel episodes 
19/05/2014 13:46 CET   33092. See the trailer for "Spooked", a new paranormal digital series produced by Felicia Day and Bryan Singer. 
16/05/2014 04:19 CET   33083. "In Your Eyes" thanks fans by sending a few surprises in the mail. 
29/04/2014 17:43 CET   32992. Tahmoh Penikett to guest on CW's "Reign". 
18/03/2014 15:43 CET   32754. Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter. 

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