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"How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight-thing?"
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evansville, in

i'm a total spoiler-whore.

BtVS seasons 1,2,3,6 (yeah, 6!),7
AtS seasons 1,2
ships: oz/willow, xander/cordy, buffy/angel, buffy/spike, willow/xander, wes/fred, giles/joyce, cordy/doyle
a few of my favorite things: joss, goddard, oz, giles!, faith, doyle, lorne, dawn, nerds of doom, andrew, "dingoes ate my baby", sunnydale high, chipped spike, good-demon cordy, smiley angel, potential chloe

BtVS season 4,5
AtS season 3,4
ships: willow/tara, buffy/riley, xander/anya, spike/dru, willow/kennedy, angelus/dru, angel/cordy, gunn/fred
things that make me seethe: noxon, kirshner, angelus, riley, anya, veruca, glory, amy madison, conner, perfect happiness = sex, magic = sex THEN hardcore drugs, the magic box, cordy's new hair, "useless" xander theme, potentials, kennedy

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14/05/2003 01:24 CET   1340. The WB make it official: Angel is renewed. 
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13/02/2003 13:36 CET   822. A casting spoiler for the final five episode arc. 
13/02/2003 03:40 CET   820. Scifi article reports on Buffy finale. 
07/02/2003 12:06 CET   791. Mutant Enemy president on the Buffy spinoff. 
06/02/2003 06:16 CET   787. Buffy the Animated Series artwork. 
05/02/2003 11:58 CET   776. "Gay now" 
21/01/2003 15:21 CET   712. James Marsters dropped some hints for the finale 
20/01/2003 09:56 CET   706. Xander in L.A.? 
08/01/2003 03:48 CET   631. Detailed spoilers for AtS S4x13 "Salvage". 
09/12/2002 19:21 CET   531. Spoilers up at 
09/12/2002 00:46 CET   531. Spoilers up at 
05/12/2002 23:16 CET   521. Actor Glenn Quinn dies. 
04/12/2002 23:50 CET   517. All I Don't Want for Christmas... 
19/11/2002 06:14 CET   452. "There are things we will definitely stay away from for awhile." 
06/11/2002 10:30 CET   412. When Seth met Kelley 
31/10/2002 06:36 CET   393. Buffy Star Dead Again 
30/10/2002 17:59 CET   393. Buffy Star Dead Again 
25/10/2002 04:34 CET   376. BtVS S7x08 pictures available 

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