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"Darn your sinister attraction!"
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I heart Whedonesque. You people are awesome. And I may be finally delurking to join you all. As an avid (okay, rabid) Buffy/Angel enthusiast, it's nice to come into contact with other equally obsessed fans. ;-)

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05/01/2007 13:57 CET   12173. Once More With Feeling screenings. 
09/05/2006 23:02 CET   10305. BtVS S1 and Firefly Complete Series added to iTunes. 
07/10/2005 15:42 CET   8384. Box Office Mojo's weekend estimate is now out. They are expecting a large drop. 
20/08/2005 12:42 CET   7584. BtVS DVD Collector's Set (R1) Now on Sale at Amazon. 
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19/05/2005 14:08 CET   6777. Fox's 2005 schedule has Whedon Alums. 
20/03/2005 15:49 CET   6336. Which actress should play Wonder Woman? - a TV Guide Poll. 
20/03/2005 15:45 CET   6336. Which actress should play Wonder Woman? - a TV Guide Poll. 
09/03/2005 19:35 CET   6254. 'These Girls' promo movie pics. 
08/12/2004 02:57 CET   5519. Away message become online art form. 
27/09/2004 13:17 CET   4941. Faith the Vampire Slayer. 

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