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"We gotta go to the crappy town where I'm the hero!"
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Member since: 31 January 2004
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Angela Turner

London, Ontario, Canada

I thought I was a huge Buffy fan, until I found out what an insanely huge Firefly fan I could be! Flandom is relative, I suppose. I am currently supporting my particular fondness for my fandom by knitting as many Jayne hats as possible. If you would like a reasonably priced Jayne hat, you need only email me, or visit my website at:
Aren't I just a super-fine self-promoter? Shameless!

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15/10/2008 13:31 CET   17859. James Marsters wearing Jayne's hat. 
30/09/2005 04:12 CET   8192. Knitting Jayne's hat. 
27/07/2005 21:32 CET   7342. Universal confirm brand new US domestic trailer on Friday. 
31/03/2005 19:27 CET   6415. Ask Joss about Serenity. 
23/03/2005 19:06 CET   6352. James Marsters to come to Toronto. 
14/11/2004 20:23 CET   5341. Free Buffy and Angel screenings for London fans today. 

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