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"Tell me, dear Walter, would you like to spend the rest of your life obsessed with the paintings of Leroy Neiman.. I mean, sexually?"
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17/11/2007 23:57 CET   14739. James Marsters cast in Dragonball Movie. 
16/08/2007 00:23 CET   13996. James Marsters joins cast of "Without A Trace". 
26/07/2007 19:58 CET   13818. You can help stroke James Marsters, well his ego anyway. 
02/02/2007 02:54 CET   12370. Joss talks Buffy season 8 to 
21/01/2007 21:03 CET   12292. Spend a 'Summer Knight' listening to James Marsters. 
12/01/2007 21:38 CET   12235. Nobody gets rich, everybody gets paid. 
12/01/2007 21:32 CET   12237. Eliza Dushku in IMDB poll today. 
12/01/2007 21:29 CET   12234. 2006 at the Movies Part II: Bottom Ten. 
10/12/2006 05:04 CET   12004. James Marsters, May UK Event tickets went onsale today and promptly SOLD OUT. 
04/11/2006 02:06 CET   11754. Summer Knight, behind the scenes. 
26/09/2006 18:39 CET   11420. James to co-star in feature adaptation of "P.S. I Love You". 
14/10/2005 01:26 CET   8483. See Pictures of James as Braniac. 
05/04/2005 20:52 CET   6444. Dread Central's set report for Unholy. 
29/03/2005 00:40 CET   6390. Buffy has one of the worst video clips of the last three years! 
24/03/2005 00:55 CET   6360. TV Guide Ausiello talks to Joss about Wonder Woman and Spike TV pic. 
23/03/2005 17:37 CET   6360. TV Guide Ausiello talks to Joss about Wonder Woman and Spike TV pic. 
20/03/2005 16:06 CET   6327. Cool Money: Cool, Charming Caper Flick. 
20/03/2005 15:57 CET   6333. James Marsters narrates 'Grave Peril' audiobook. 
26/01/2005 14:53 CET   5889. The latest news on those Angel TV movies. 
21/01/2005 02:19 CET   5838. Tim Minear talks about "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress". 

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