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"Have you ever tried to clean an actual slate? You'll always see what was on it before."
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05/03/2004 00:07 CET   3161. Angel S5x16 "Shells" as seen by Herc. 
14/05/2003 00:12 CET   1331. Salon addresses a problem with BtVS. 
25/03/2003 06:21 CET   1019. Ghosts of Albion trailer. 
07/02/2003 04:16 CET   787. Buffy the Animated Series artwork. 
06/02/2003 03:09 CET   782. 'The Killer In Me' reviewed at ScoopMe!. 
13/01/2003 09:10 CET   655. T.M.I.: 
12/01/2003 07:56 CET   655. T.M.I.: 
09/01/2003 09:45 CET   637. BtVS S7x11 "Showtime" recap-let. 

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