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"I'm never gonna see a merman."
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Member since: 13 April 2004
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papa lazarou
will gundle
Leicester, Uk

Damaged at an early age by parents who thought Salems Lot was ok viewing for a 7 year old, I never really recovered... fell in love with Anne Rice in my teens (this changed when I realised there was a gay subtext and that I was far to insecure about my hetrosexuality to handle it). I relapsed into normality until 1998 when I first found social life has suffered ever since.

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18/08/2004 07:56 CET   4690. David Boreanaz TV Guide interview. 
29/06/2004 18:12 CET   4316. Ghosts of Albion update. 
29/06/2004 16:45 CET   4316. Ghosts of Albion update. 
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03/05/2004 16:27 CET   3799. AtS S5x22 'Not Fade Away' summary. 
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27/04/2004 17:51 CET   3739. Nicholas Brendon seeks treatment for alcoholism. 
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13/04/2004 19:17 CET   3591. Happy Birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar. 
13/04/2004 17:39 CET   3589. Whedon_Teleplays With ANGEL 5.22. 

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