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"If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell."
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11/10/2005 18:38 CET   8456. A small number of people are reporting their local theatres dropping Serenity, 
05/10/2005 16:38 CET   8340. Box office day 5 and Serenity drops to 4th for Tue. 
03/06/2004 17:51 CET   4145. Tim Minear talks with National Review about Angel, metaphysics. 
30/05/2004 12:57 CET   4110. IMDB Daily Poll. 
21/05/2004 21:08 CET   4016. Eonline's Kristin talks to Levin about Angel's cancellation, 
08/05/2004 18:12 CET   3872. SFX issue 118- major Angel feature. 
08/05/2004 07:46 CET   3865. Gellar 'felt degraded' after sex scenes. 
03/05/2004 18:21 CET   3806. Should genre shows go direct to DVD? 
15/04/2004 22:06 CET   3618. Kristin's heart breaks for Angel fans. 
15/04/2004 18:21 CET   3615. Wonderfalls creator Bryan Fuller signs two-year deal 
14/04/2004 10:45 CET   3594. WB Renews Every Drama But "Angel" 
13/04/2004 19:27 CET   3592. James Marsters shaves his head for charity 

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