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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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Uni student studying communication and majoring in media studies who writes countless essays related to audience studies, media policy, audience interpretation, popular culture and cultural studies; with a spin on fandom and Buffy. Supports self in these nutty endeavours by selling poems and essays to various publications and though she only makes a pittance with it, enjoys calling herself a published writer.

Also enjoys describing self in third person.

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14/02/2007 01:18 CET   12463. SciFi Wire poll - Who'd you like to see helm the next Star Trek movie? 
19/09/2005 19:12 CET   7959. Joss, Come Home. 
18/05/2005 06:19 CET   6764. Australian release date is now 29 September. 
04/04/2005 21:10 CET   6441. Jane Espenson's "Finding Serenity" is on the shelves! 
04/04/2005 21:04 CET   6442. Firefly/Serenity 'Guerilla' poster art. 
17/03/2005 03:09 CET   6313. Joss Whedon Confirmed for Wonder Woman. 
17/03/2005 02:57 CET   6314. Nick Brendon as Chef in New Pilot. 
25/02/2005 21:00 CET   6174. Joss Whedon and Stephen Sondheim on the same stage together! 
25/02/2005 20:56 CET   6173. Alan Tudyk signs on for new pilot. 
02/02/2005 09:45 CET   5955. New on DVD: Whatever show you didn't watch last year. 
02/02/2005 08:19 CET   5954. Alyson Hannigan reveals what Alexis Denisof is upto these days. 
02/02/2005 08:17 CET   5955. New on DVD: Whatever show you didn't watch last year. 
31/01/2005 10:54 CET   5923. Marc Blucas does Commentary. 
31/01/2005 08:30 CET   5889. The latest news on those Angel TV movies. 
27/01/2005 01:43 CET   5891. James Marsters attends the Tabula Rasa event in July in Australia. 
25/01/2005 06:31 CET   5881. Snyder does Shakespeare! 
25/01/2005 01:03 CET   5879. The Lure of the Vampire...from Bram Stoker to BtVS. 
25/01/2005 00:54 CET   5881. Snyder does Shakespeare! 
20/01/2005 06:16 CET   5794. Interview with Angie Hart 
20/01/2005 06:14 CET   5824. The Hub Productions' BtVS Convention adds Mark 'Groo' Lutz to its celebrity line-up. 

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